DC Amor Diapers [Review]

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Before i tried these diapers the best diaper i've used for absorbency was abuniverse's Cushies and the Amor's blow them away, i haven't tried Fabines, but i heard the Amor's match the absorbency of the Fabines. I was able to wet them 3 times and they still haven't leaked, but i haven't tried going beyond that!

The design is very feminine as you can see and the anime image is very plasticky which kinda effects the strechyness of the waistband, but not too much. There is one major design flaw the tapes are really bad and pop off and don't go back on after, but i bought duck tape and that fixed the problem.

It's $69.99 for 6 cases of 8 which is 48 diapers, on top of that i had to pay $29.99 for shipping! So yeah these diapers are really expensive, but they are kind of luxurious! The 2 pack is $6.49 +$5.25sh and the 8 pack is $17.99 + $12.99sh and that's for shipping in the U.S. which i don't think you can anywhere else.

Notes: Just so you know the diapers aren't scented, but on amazon you can find the 2 pack and those are scented with the Baby Fresh scent from abuniverse. Also the seller told me that he is making a new version of the diapers with fixed tapes and a different design and he plans to release them this year!
Thanks for that Review I was kinda considering getting them. Your detailed information and well written review has given me the green light to go ahead and purchase a pack. Thanks again
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