cuddlz all in one washable diaper with velcro

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Ok so I bought this a week ago now and I can truly say it's the best thing I've bought in along time
It's huge!!!! And sooooo soft and really dam absorbent
I use it over other diapers but even used over a drynite it takes the absorbency past the level of a high end diaper
Its like the ultimate plastic pant!!! :D

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I will take pictures with detail later as im currently using it ha ha for now this google found image does the job

Also I got the small size as im quite thin :) and it fits a dream
Cool! Just make sure you don't put it in the dryer! My main beef with this design, which is very similar to ABU's, is that the cover is PVC. PVC is used only because it crinkles, which can be appealing to those coming from disposable diapers. The rather enormous downside to PVC is that it can't go in the dryer, meaning the diapers take forever to dry thoroughly, limiting their practicality.

Most AIO-seekers will probably want a diaper with a PUL cover that can be washed and dried normally.
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