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I'm dying to know if there are any other avid guitar players lurking in the Adisc forums. If so, tell me about yourself! How long have you been playing? What model guitar(s) do you have? Electric or acoustic? What styles do you most enjoy playing? What guitarists influence you the most? Tell me everything!!!:D

I've personally been playing since I was 13 so about 5 years. My most relevant guitars are a blacktop Fender Stratocaster and a my prized possession, my saphire PRS SE Custom 24. Needless to say, I strongly prefer electric. My style of playing greatly shifts with my mood. When I started playing I was a huge metal head and that's pretty much exclusively what I played, but lately, I've been really into the blues as well as more toned down, chill music. I'll still jam out to some metal whenever I'm feeling hyped up though :cool: Overall, I'd have to say I'm most heavily influenced by Metallica's Kirk Hammet. I listened to them SO MUCH and no matter how much I progress his style still shows through in mine no matter what style I'm playing. Lately, however, I've been taking notes from the great blues rock virtuoso's like Stevie Ray Vaughan and of course, Jimi Hendrix.

P.S. Can anyone tell me how to get pictures from my computer to show up in my post. I can't get it to work :/ I suck at everything involving computers.
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I'm been playing since I was 18. Never took any classes and because I didn't start earlier or pratice that much I'm not great or very good, I'm just ok I guess lol.

Right now I have one classical, one electric and two acoustics. One of the acoustics and the classical (my first one) are not known brands, the other acoustic is a Fender CD60 and the electric is a Epiphone Les Paul honeyburst. I like playing mostly rock riffs or acosutic songs. I got into Led Zeppelin around the same time I started playing guitar so Jimmy Page has been a huge influence, I'm into a lot of the early rock and classic rock from the 60's and early 70's as well as music that is similar or kind of evokes that classic/vintage vibe or attitude.

Although as a guitar player I play mostly rock, blues and some metal, I'm a music lover so I listen to a lot of different genres and music from different eras and countries.

It's funny you mentioned Kirk but your avatar is Dave Mustaine haha. I Like Metallica too, one the first bands I listened when I started to get interested in music in the late 90's.
Yeah man I love Zeppelin. I thought about mentioning Jimmy Paige but I didn't want to... Ramble On :lol: Anyways, bad puns aside, I also have an Epiphone acoustic which is quite nice, as well as a tiny classical guitar from when I took lessons for a couple months when I was 8. I also have a cherry red fender squire, which was just a crappy beginner guitar, but hey gotta start somewhere.

My musical taste actually differs a bit from what I like to play on guitar at times. For example, I love playing the blues but oddly I find that it gets on my nerves if I listen to it for more than short bits of time. But, I really enjoy music all across the rock genre. Everything from Sublime and Incubus to Pantera and Slayer. And yeah Kirk is great and I enjoy their music more, but I think we both know who wins that battle ;) and slightly off topic, your avatar is unbelievably awesome.
You're the third person that compliments my avatar, I don't think I thank the other too but thanks to everyone who likes it, it's not mine though. I found it while browsing and because I'm huge Star Wars fan and Han Solo is my favourite character I've decided to use it.

Well I don't know who wins the battle but I think I prefer Kirk to Dave to be honest haha. You asked about guitar styles, I'm definitely on the side that prefers more feeling, holding notes and serving the song.
I have been playing 13 years, and I have 2 strats, a telecaster, PRS custom 22, taylor 710CE, and my original squire. I usually play rock and blues.
dayum I've been playing for around 8 or 9 years and went to music school. I have 5 or six bc rich's, an edwards, two grassroots, a couple other random ones I've received for free over the years, and a couple I made myself. As a player, I'm mostly into metal and jazz fusion players like allan holdsworth, marty friedman, chris poland, josh christian, jason becker, alex skolnick, andy la roque, jeff waters, jake e lee, greg howe, Roger fisher, I could go on forever really. I have an acoustic but I'm much more an electric player. I only have like one or two that don't have floyds on them, so I'm pretty much just interested in rippin it.
I've been playing since my mid teens. I used to be in a band in college. I'm influenced by many: Joe Satriani; Eric Clapton; Eric Johnson and Steve Vai to name a few. I like to play rock and blues and just diddle up and down the neck. My current gear consists of: Fender Telecoustic; G & L ASAT; Gibson Les Paul Futura; PRS SE Dave Navarro Signature; a custom SG I had made for me; a gold Les Paul copy and a Squier Strat that just seems to scream.
I've been playing for 4 or 5 years now. I am ok. I only have an acoustic, but plan on getting an electric soon. I started out playing classic rock, but I more enjoy playing Indie rock. I don't have too many influences, I should listen to more Hendrix though.
I have only one guitar, a Taylor 810WMB (with more bass) which I bought used from the Taylor Dealer in Tulsa. The 810 WMB is one of about 5 guitars, as I recall, that was made in limited quantities for some Taylor milestone or other. If my memory serves me, there were only approx. 265 810WMB's made, and mine is serial number 137. I basically just strum along with whatever I am listening to, and try to pick up some of the leads that get played. I started playing in 1962 when I was going to Radio school in the navy, on a Sears Archtop (read Harmony, as they made the Sears Guitar) that fretted like a barbed wire fence., but I didn't know any better. I bought the 810 because the same store had a used Dan Crary model Taylor that I thought I wanted, but the store said I really wanted the 810, because of the type of music I tend to play. I don't regret buying it, but I never really go to play the Dan Crary model other than for a few minutes in the store.
I've been playing for some more than 5 years. most often I play classical/spanish guitar.
I started to play banjo as well, 2 years ago.
I have 2 spanish guitars, not branded.
Have a accoustic fender gemini, an electric blade.
And for as much as you know about banjo, it's a tenor (irish folk, ...) from klira (famous for guitars)
Lel, I play bass. I hope that counts...
Well.. Tho i am a drummer, i have been playing guitar on the side for around 10 years. Hope that counts :-) Jazz, Blues, Funk, RnR, Folk, Country etc..


Guild MH120, customized by myself.
Handmade Finnish Landola 1991 western.
Vintage Aria classical from 1975.
Vintage Höfner classical from early 60's.

Gibson SG Custom.
Peavey Predator 1992 US strat, customized and rebuild by myself.

And about 5 more unnamed and unknown junk.

Great Thread! Cheers mates.
Can't play any instrument, but have sung with a rock band in the late 80's-90's. Hope that counts!
Played guitar and bass for about five years myself. I'm lucky enough to be in a little musical collective so gear is never a want. Basswise I own a Ibanez SR-506 re-preamped, an Eden D410XST, an Eden WT-550, re-tubed ART VLA II comp, BBE Sonic Maximizer 362 w/ x-over and a 1000w@8ohm carvin power amp. Live I'll usually borrow an SWR 1x18, crossover, and then pipe the Eden power section through it and send the Carvin's power to the 4x10 just 'cuz the bass is downtuned.

Guitarwise I just have my mexi strat, but she's a beauty piped through an Axe-Fx.

We all play jazz influenced prog metal. Personally when I jam it's either some sort of tech-death (for fun!) or riffing around trying to rip off John McLaughlin and Paul Masvidal. (when we're tryna be srs bzns)
I have one electronic ibanez guitar and enjoy playing Harry potter , au Clair de lune , chinese sound effects ,skyrim theme , far over the misty mountains cold from the hobbit II have been playing for one year and would love to learn pirates of the Caribbean so if anyone has any guitar tabs please let me know 🎸
I play rhythm, (some lead), and have been at it 42 years, though that makes me no expert, just proficient at what I learn to play. I can make most guitars sing, even a kid's guitar, if they'll hold a tune. My oldest is a 42 yr. old Pearl, a copy of a Gibson Hummingbird, though my hummingbirds have long since flown the coop. I had a Yamaha SG-2000 (Santana's design), but sold it to save my house. I've got an Ovation hardbody electric, and an Ovation Applause. I use a Roland Boss GT-3, when I'm in electric mode, but I mostly jam right along with all my faves (REM, Staind, etc, and all the oldies), mixing myself an additional band member (Tascam 16-channel mixing console).

Of course, my first song was House of the Rising Sun, quickly followed by Neil Young's stuff, America's stuff, and the Eagles. From there, it went all over, at whatever acoustic versions of great songs hit my PLAY button.

Love music! Always have, for as long as I've been in diapers...
The bass can be considered a guitar due to its resemblance to a typical guitar. That counts.
hi, i've have played guitar for 5 years, self taught. i have a korean made shine gitar, i swaped the pickups for some seymore duncans. a acoustic celeberty by ovation and a fender jazz bass
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