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So I'm new to the whole cloth diaper scene, and I'm considering buying a few of Baby Pants' Training Pants. But, in order to wear them, I'll need plastic pants. I was hoping to buy their PEVA pants, but I have no clue what size to get. The training pants have a "fits waist size..." section, but I couldn't find one for the PEVA pants, just measurements. So, I was hoping for advice. It would be greatly appreciated! :)
I buy Baby-Pants PEVA pants and like them very much. On Baby-Pants own website, there is a special size chart for the PEVA pants. On the "Products" drop down list, it lists Gary, classic, rhumba plastic pants (and other things). Click on Classic Plastic Pants and follow down that chart of the different patterns to the 2 size charts; PVC size is listed first, PEVA is listed below that. I find the PEVA's just a bit smaller on waist and leg, but you want them reasonably snug to hold moisture. I wear Large PVC and X-Large PEVA and they work well. Hope this helps.
I suspect you blinked at just the wrong time; the PEVA size chart and graphic are right there.

Regarding the training pants, you should note the warning ("These Training Pant dimensions are before washing. The training pants will shrink 8 to 10 percent over 6 to 8 washings.") at the top of the size chart page. 10% amounts to about a size's worth of shrinkage in many cases. You'll probably want to order one size larger than what the chart indicates. I stupidly missed this warning when I made my first training pant order, and it only took a single wash to render them unusable. :-/ Live and learn! (And get Luvs!) I ordered one size larger the next time, and I love 'em!

In all cases, be sure to check your leg sizes as well as your waist size. It's not uncommon to find pants that fit in the waist but not in the leg.

Best of luck.
Oh my, that's embarrassing. I have no idea how i missed that. Thanks though!
When you order plastic pants, make sure that you measure your thighs as well as your waist. Plastic pants that are the right size for your waist may be too small for your legs, and that can be very painful.

The PEVA pants from Baby Pants are great, but they run small. Don't be surprised if the right size for you is larger than the clothing sizes you normally wear. (I wear size M or size L clothes, but I need 2XL PEVA pants.)
I find that the 7 mil thickness of vinyl lasts several times as long as the 4 mil. At about the same purchase price, they are more cost effective.
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