bowel accidents?

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I was laying on my bed in a pullon tranquility overnight and my stomach went to hurting and before i could get up out the bed i messed my pullon really bad like filled it up is it something i need to worry about i already have a incontinence problem at night advice please thanks
You could have eaten somthing that did not agree with you, I think we have all had upset stomachs that caused to race to the bathroom.

A quick trip to your Doctor could not hurt if you are worried and if the pain is constant then a DR visit is recommended
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Jbradshaw, that's a rough thing to have happen to you. As I'm bowel incontinent I understand your anxiety. Fortunately, bowel accidents at night are uncommon. One or two episodes do not necessarily indicate that you will have, or do have, bowel incontinence.

However, if you are concerned about a recurrence, don't wear a pull-up until your current symptoms clear up. No pull-ups are adequate for bowel incontinence.

I agree with Rob that it probably was just a one-time bug. Also, any continuing pain does dictate a medical appointment.

As we always say, we are not doctors here so if it continues or you're worried about it, see a doc as soon as you can.
I've had this happen to me as well. I would recommend taking Rob's advice and go to the doctor just to rule anything out.
To answer the incontinence problem at night what i meant was im a bedwetter at night sometimes not always tho right now im at work in a bambino diaper
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