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I feel like an idiot.

I found this great buy on a classic bag of Attends at a thrift shop and it threw me into a land of nostalgia. The feelings of excitement I had when I first discovered diapers in adult sizes came flooding back. Only this time it was better. I have this wonderful fiancee who was kind enough to indulge me wearing diapers for the past two weekends since the manic diaper phase hit me.

Then the stupidity happened. I bought ABU diapers and had them one day air shipped across country and bought two packs of vintage Attends on ebay.

I just spent over $400 on three packs of diapers that could have gone to cash flowing a wedding that is fast approaching.

I don't typically do things like this. The last time I spent a hundred dollars on diapers it was a case of Dry 24/7 that I knew was going to last several months. This is a few bags of diapers that may or may not last for a while, depending on how I ration them, but they were so much more money.

What do you guys think about it? Should I feel badly about spending money earmarked for other items in my budget?
I never experienced a real hard binge myself, so I can't comprehend this fully, how it feels and the emanating reactions to it.
But spending 400 bucks on three packs of diapers doesn't sound like a good idea at all.
You should try to wear more often but not too regular, to calm down the binge purge cycles.
It also helps a great deal when you keep on having a small stockpile in home at all times.

I won't judge anyone or tell you to feel bad about this particular incident, but I would try to avoid it in the future.
Sounds like you went a little overboard. I wouldn't dwell on it too much. They're coming, so you might as well enjoy them. If I were you, I'd count to ten before making that next big purchase, so that you won't be facing another case of buyer's remorse after the fact.
Yeah, bit overboard but enjoy them when they arrive! I'm not the biggest fan of ABU as it gets insanely expensive if you live anywhere outside the US. I think 1 day post for a pack of 80 diapers to Australia is about $300+ alone. not including the diapers.
Maybe put the good diapers in storage? Like, use them when you feel more stable and won't be in them all like "aw man remorse"
It's nice to pamper yourself sometimes, sounds like now was not the best time, but it happens x) Work hard, earn the money back and then indulge! That's how I deal with it if I go overboard.
I've seen a lot worse, just go check out the thread called "My Stash". Then you won't feel so terrible.
eh, it happens. I do that sometimes, go a bit overboard on something, and look back like "whoa, that got a little out of hand!" Nothing you can do about it short of try to avoid impulse buys in the future. If I can muster the restraint, I usually cart things and come back to them a day or two later to reivew the order and place it. Often I make changes. Sometimes I just hit "Empty Cart". Other times I go looking for a better deal, sometimes finding one.
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