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My Mommy (wife) will soon have TWO baby girls to deal with in the house! Yup, she's expecting, and we know it's a girl!

My wife is supportive and lets me have full reign around the house when it comes to wearing diapers, baby dresses and drinking from bottles.

My question is, how many of us have newborns/little ones and are AB/DL? I really don't see it being much of an issue when the baby is really young (they won't even know, right!). But how do you deal with it once your child starts to realize that Daddy wears diapers too?

I am really looking forward to it. This will be my first. I am so happy it's a girl (always wanted a daughter!) Strangely, I feel I will have a lot in common with her.

I can't wait to shop for baby stuff. I might get jealous!
BabyBride said:
But how do you deal with it once your child starts to realize that Daddy wears diapers too?
Simple: You don't. It sounds hard but you simply can't. Of course you can play with (their) toys (together with them kids) but you cannot switch into AB mode anymore. These kind of behavioural changes will disturb your kids in a way that they might lose confidence in your position as parent, even if it might not show at first.
Seriously you should restrict all that stuff to quiet hours, when they are at daycare/school/in bed.

Kids are very alert persons. When the kids of our friend were over to play with our kids, I was with them playing with Domino bricks on the floor. All was good until I unconsiouly began to slip into little mode, on a behavioural basis. What brought me back was the comment of her four year old boy: "Are you a baby?"
Bang that hit like a bat in the face. Had to get ouside for a few minutes and think.

I am jealous of all that stuff you can buy for them as well. Soo much. E.g. I'd like to have Cars bedsheets but there simply are none for oversized blankets. (I hate sleeping in normal ones. I like to wrap the blanket around myself and don't want my feet sticking out). Then there are all these clothes... T-shirts, Shoes the list is just endless.
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BenTennyson said:
These kind of behavioural changes will disturb your kids in a way that they might lose confidence in your position as parent, even if it might not show at first.

I agree with BenTennyson on this particular statement, however my approach might be a little more liberal.

It is important to consider that your behaviors will affect your standing as a parent, and the development of your child. The child does need to be able to look at her parents and see what it means to grow up, and she also needs to know that you and your wife are adults, and deserve the respect an attention of adults. She needs to know that you are in a place of authority and wisdom, which will be more difficult if she sees you as a baby.

She also needs to know though, that you are real people, and you have real desires, and that desires are not a bad thing to have.

The strange situation that you have here, is that in some households, it is acceptable for a parent to openly wander the house in their underwear. Also, for your situation, I'm assuming that wearing diapers and playing baby is not a sexual thing, at least when you are wandering the house fully babied. Since it isn't a sexual thing, I can see how this would compare to a person wandering the house, or sitting on the couch in their underwear, since both are just types of an undergarment.

I think you need to first consider what your goals are for your child.

1. She needs to know that you are a father first, then a friend. Parents have the important role in a child's life, of making sure a child does things, that the child might not want to do, such as go to school, learn to use the toilet, or not to touch the stove top.

2. She needs to learn to use the toilet. Maybe not as fast as parents often push their children, but she should be prepared to use the toilet when she starts going to school, otherwise you risk her experiencing a lot of bullying. I am a believer that potty training can be pushed too hard on children, but I still think it is important in their development to learn, even if I think that wearing diapers is better than using a toilet. Since seeing you wear diapers would make it more difficult for her to want to learn to use the toilet, you should probably restrict her knowledge of your diaper wearing, at the least until she has learned to use the toilet.

3. She shouldn't be exposed to any of your sexual behaviors. Early exposure to sexuality is a major problem when it comes to child development. Any amount of your diaper wearing that is sexual, shouldn't be exposed. You don't have to act ashamed about it, and it is probably good to teach your child not to be ashamed of sexual kinks, but that is something to save for the birds and the bees talk, and I wouldn't be too specific on your own sexual kinks, but just that you have them.

4. She needs to be safe in her schooling. A young child is prone to blabing at school, if she knows you wear diapers, and then talks about how you are a baby at school, she is prone to bullying over having a parent that is different than others. Be sure that her amount of knowledge about your little side, is not more then what she is safe with in concealing.

5. etc, whatever other goals you find important.

If your wearing diapers and being a baby compromises any of these goals, it would be in your best interest to change your habits until the time it is appropriate.

My opinion on how this will all affect you is this. I don't see why you should hide your diaper stash anymore than storing it in your closet or drawers. If she finds them, it is because she was exploring into your privacy, not because you were putting it in her face, you can be respectful of publicity within your house without being ashamed of yourself.

You will probably not be wearing exposed diapers around her, especially when she is potty training. Maybe you having to use the potty will be an inspiration for her to learn how to use it. I wouldn't say that you have to isolate her from knowing you wear, but probably isolate from knowing why. Remember, wearing diapers doesn't mean a person is a baby (even though in your case it does), it just means they are incontinent (which for you it actually doesn't) which is perfectly normal, but you should still encourage her to learn to live as an adult. Edit: Also, I wouldn't see the harm in wearing diapers while pants or shorts cover them up, if she notices, it is because you are wearing them as normal underwear, as a normal adult.

I can imagine that there is nothing wrong with you showing off your little side by wearing footed pj's around the house, or having stuffed animals with you. There is nothing wrong with that, and it is perfectly adult to have those things. However, manifesting behaviors such as babbling, and loss of fine motor skills, will give the wrong impression to your child of your role as an adult, and also the wrong impression of how to interact with the world when growing up and becoming a functioning human being.

I honestly can't tell you how to determine when you should and shouldn't be fully exposing a diaper, because in some societies, a loin cloth is an appropriate attire, and as I said before, in some households, open exposure of underwear is also appropriate within the family. I would say though, that during potty training, it is extremely important not to.

You are going to have to decide what type of environment you want your child to grow up in, and then create that environment, regardless of how much it alters your current lifestyle. It will be a balance between making sure she understands what it means to be a normal adult/how to grow up, and on the other hand, knowing that she does not have to be ashamed for being different, just as you are not ashamed.

Best of luck, at least you have a little while to figure it out, but it certainly is going to start fast. As BenTennyson suggested, a lot of it is going to have to move to the privacy of your own room, and at times when your child is either asleep, or not around.
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have kids and the wife and i are discreet about it, kids are smart though even at young ages and they will figure out something is going on eventually even if you are discreet, i dont try to tell others how to live their lives thats just my .002..
My situation was in the opposite order. I've always enjoyed diapers and have identified with regression, but I kept it hidden from my wife. I gave it all up when I first married and when our children were born. I never wanted any part of their diapers or baby artifacts, but when they were a little older, I was great at getting down on the floor and playing with them. Simply put, I was their dad.

Because they are my children, I wanted what was best for them and I was willing to do whatever that required. I found that there were times I could wear diapers and regress, but that happened when they weren't in the house. Now, our daughter and son-in-law have what they call "date nights". Sometimes they will get a baby sitter who will live in their house either over night or for the weekend while they go to a weekend retreat.

I'm envious that your wife accepts this part of you and that the both of you can enjoy this. This can still happen as long as it's not in front of your children. As parents, we are always setting examples and in this way we teach and create a safe world, one where they can mature and learn the skills to be happy, well balanced and successful.
Jesus, just cause your having two little girls running around the house dosen't mean you have to give up being an AB, that's just not how it works. Basically, you just have to be more discreet about it and maybe wear bigger pants, it's not that big of a deal if you're being a good roll model and father.
kitterdafoxy said:
Jesus, just cause your having two little girls running around the house dosen't mean you have to give up being an AB, that's just not how it works. Basically, you just have to be more discreet about it and maybe wear bigger pants, it's not that big of a deal if you're being a good roll model and father.

Good point.
Just keep your diapers to yourself. You are going to be a dad after all, if your baby see u are always diapered, your baby will never stop using diapers. Be careful and stay smart.
I agree with everyone who says to keep the diapers to yourself. I'm a dad and have two daughters, a teenager and a preteen, and while I love being an AB, I can't imagine ever sharing that part of my life with them. Up until a baby is maybe six months, I don't think it's a big deal for them to see you in a diaper... maybe even 12 months. But after that, a baby starts getting pretty self-aware, and I think a kid who knows their dad enjoys dressing up as a baby -- well, it's going to confuse them and probably eventually give them a lot to someday talk about in therapy. And being a good parent means you're putting your needs ahead of your kids. And I just think any parent who really tries to live like an adult baby around their kids is putting their own needs first, and not their own children's. Just my two cents.
Just only advice: Separate completely your AB/DL side from ducation of your descendent(s.) May it isn't advice, if not obligation.

Reasons are exposed before, so I'll not repeat the same like others.
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