Becoming nappy complacent.

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Is it natural to get to a place where you become so accustomed to wearing nappies that you don't really think "Hey i'm wet, I better go fix that!"? Because tonight all I was thinking was "Man I must be sweating up a storm down there.". I did finally do a check, and then changed. Thought that was like the longest I gone without caring enough to change. Like maybe an hour, but not more than two hours. I have been cloth diapering for a month now, and it seems way more comfy than a disposable ever was.
i think it is the other day I leaked for the first time in a long time, i didnt realize how saturated my diaper had become. thinking back it was a very active day for my bladder as I was peeing small amounts way more times then normal.

oh well leson learned have to change more often as my IC issue is getting more active.
I think it is just normal to get more complacent as time goes on. I used to be paranoid about being seen in a nappy and always changed before going out. Now I just don't care and just carry on my daily routine and change when I really have to. I've done most things while wearing a bulging wet nappy and plastic pants.
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