Baby Food?

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Baby food?

What is your favorite baby food?:confused:

I tried a couple not long ago and was so icky!:dontgetit:

Is one brand better then another. Maybe?
I tried it when I was, like, 10, because it's all my 3 year old brother would eat besides popcorn. Weird part was, my dad ate it, too!:bleh: There was a girl in my daycare class as a kid who's cerebral palsy was severe enough that feeding her solids was difficult.:frown: She had an apple one that smelled good. My advice is, stick to fruit. Some of the other things look good too, though.

If you feel crawler age Click on fruits.

If you're feeling toddler age, just buy whatever large pastas, sauces with veggies already in them, mini sausages, or other foods you like, and permit yourself to eat with your hands, as I'd emagine it'd be cheaper.
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I drink baby formula which I really like, and eat steamed vegetables (I'v got Phillips baby food steamer for that).
I've tried to hold on to that, but its really tough, after a few days my body demands "real food".
What baby formula do you drink? So many different kinds and some are so out priced!
The best baby food in my opinion is the stage 3 fruits; banana, apples, starwberry; it's actually really tasty. Like apple sauce kinda .
Not sure about vegetables but even smelling those in the jar isn't very nice.
Well I take that back, it's hard to go wrong with green beans.
I tried banana and it was awful. Maybe it was the brand.. But I am admittedly still a tiny bit curious about fruit flavored baby food. cx

I really love the graduates puffs, though! I liked the banana ones, but I want to try vanilla and apple cinnamon. :3
If you try formula, no infant kind! It has too much iron, enough to poison an adult. Infants need waaaaay more than us.
I like Gerber.
As far as baby food goes, banana is pretty much where my interest in jars ends.
I also looooooove the yogurt melts, and I eat them outside of little time too, haha.
Gerber also makes a cereal called "Lil Bits" I make it with milk, and sometimes add some baby food from a jar in a flavor that correlates. It tastes decent without losing that little kid feel.

As far as formula - I really wouldn;t drink it, especially not on a regular basis because it is packed full of so many excess vitamins, you could gain weight easily or feel sickly.
I like using malted milk mixed into regular milk so it still feels lie I have to "make" a bottle, and doesn't taste like regular milk, so its a little different, special maybe.
daddyzlittlegirl said:
What baby formula do you drink? So many different kinds and some are so out priced!

I've tried all kinds available in my country- Similac, Infamil, Nutrilon etc... but ended up in local brand called "Materna". I like the taste and it make my stomach fill good.
Although I rarely eat it, I like baby food. I discovered this after buying some to feed one of my birds. Carrots and prunes are good; as are apples, I tried one that was apples and berries I think. The mushy chicken is kinda bland and unappetizing if I recall.
Old school rusks and milk. Nothing like it :)
I'd personally choose Gerber banana baby food over most sweets any day. That stuff is delicious!
Adult person hasn't capacity to enjoy baby food. First, because is very low content of salt. It has carton taste. Thats's my experience...
Hm, my little side is about 2 or 3 so she can eat solid foods. I usually stick to Whales crackers, Applesauce, and Macaroni N Cheese when I'm in little mode.

Oh... and Good 2 Grow drinks! Those are the best.
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