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A program in Argentina just did a segment on ABDL that I figure some of you may be interested in checking out. Here is a link: I think I am alright posting it as it is definitely PG.

The good news: the show handled the topic with more sensitivity and less sensationalism then any other TV program I have seen to date (far better than 15 Stone Baby which I thought treated the subject as well as any ABDL could possibly hope for). The bad news (at least for most members): it's in Spanish. I served a two year Mormon mission in Costa Rica, so I enjoyed the added Spanish practice. If anyone has any questions on something that happened, feel free to ask me.

The show is divided into 8 segments that are 5-7 minutes each. In the segments, Samantha interviews people who show off different aspects of the community. Here is a quick breakdown of each:

#1 ABDL Factory: Samantha travels to Germany for the annual ABDL factory catwalk/modeling show. She interviews the models (some ABDL and some not) and an attendee about the products and the community. I think part of the intention is to show from the beginning that ABDLs aren't just an isolated case of a person or two, but rather a large worldwide community with enough participants to have its own profitable markets.

#2 The Diaper Lover: Samantha interviews a diaper lover (Frederico) about what it feels like to wear diapers and what motivates people to wear. He describes the comfort and security it provides him. They also reference him being a father of a four year-old and an engineer. She asks him about having to hide his wearing and he compares it to being LGBT in the 60s (a comparison I know a lot of ABDLs do not like). At the end of the segment, Samantha and asks Frederico if she can try wearing one. Frederico comes across as a pretty normal guy.

#3 Samantha Wears a Diaper: Samantha and Frederico go to a panelero (with an enye), which is a shop that exclusively sells diapers and baby supplies. The owner shows them their selection of adult diapers. Samantha asks the owner who her general clientele is for the adult diaper products to which the owner replies it is mostly people older than 70 or those with handicaps. Samantha asks if they have any customers who are adult babies or diaper lovers to which she says she has never heard of that and she doesn't think it exists in Argentina. They go back to Frederico's house and Samantha tries on a diaper. She comments that it is softer and more comfortable than she expected. She asks him if she can wet it and whether or not he does. He replies that he doesn't normally, but does sometimes (he usually just wears one to bed).

#4 The Sissy: Samantha meets with a sissy named "Jacqueline". This segment explains both what a sissy is and also goes into the some of the mental/familial struggles ABDLs often experience. Jacqueline's parents discovered his diapers when he was a teenager and kicked him out of the house. He lived on the streets and went for a long time without anyone from his family being willing to talk to him. As a result, Jacqueline struggled in accepting himself but has since overcome it. Jacqueline shows Samantha his dresses, toys, and pacifiers and Samantha fixes a bottle for him and helps him put on some makeup. He talks about the fact that he also is an adult with adult responsibilities. He works a full-time job, takes care of the household chores, and has a serious girlfriend (who also takes care of him on occasion). He, and the show, define sissy somewhat narrowly (heterosexual males that roleplay as baby girls) but otherwise the segment was good.

#5 Family of ABDL: Samantha visits with a professor named Rodolfo who has a nursery in his bedroom and also lives with his parents. Samantha talks to the mom about what it is like having a son who is ABDL. The mom mentions that it didn't totally surprise her when Rodolfo came out to her, as Rodolfo had always seemed to have a little boy inside of him that never grew up. She said that she didn't participate in it, but that she fully accepts it. "As long as he was happy, that is all a mother could ask for." I know a lot of ABDLs are not big on letting family know (why does my mother need to know what gets me off), but I think this shows a good example of one of the rare cases where opening up to family can be acceptable. In Rodolfo's case, being AB isn't sexual for him and he knew his mom wouldn't mind knowing.

#6 The Psychologist: Samantha visits a psychologist who has two ABDL clients. They firstly clarify that ABDL has nothing to do with pedophilia (in fact, the psychologist says it is almost the opposite of pedophilia). Samantha mentions the difficulty in finding a psychologist who knows anything about ABDL. The psychologist mentions that that is partly because not all ABDLs feel the need to get help. She says that if you had a family member that was ABDL, you would likely never know it. Most ABDLs are married, educated, professionals. While parts of this interview go well, the psychologist also says a few things that shows-off her narrow mindedness and her still limited experience in the subject-matter. First of all, she mentions that most of these individuals became ABDLs because of difficult times during the young teenage years (which may be true for a few, but definitely doesn't represent the majority). More problematic, she says even though their actions "are not hurting anybody," that "infantilism" is still a "disorder." "If ABDLs do not get treatment for their disorder they will end up having more serious problems in the future" which she mentions could be lack of impulse control, timidness, and insecurity.

#7 Going Out: Samantha goes out to get lunch with Jacqueline dressed as a baby girl. Jacqueline had mentioned that he wished he could be a baby girl in public but that he still couldn't. Samantha took him out so they could test whether or not he would be judged negatively. They grab a sandwich at a cafe. They only show a small clip where they order the food. Afterwords, Samantha asks Jacqueline how he felt like he was treated to which he replies bad. Samantha expresses her opinion that it didn't seem like the server was judging him to which Jacqueline disagreed. Unfortunately, the clip was pretty short and it was hard to tell.

#8 Life Outside of Being an Adult Baby: Story switches back to Rodolfo who takes Samantha to one of his soccer games. It shows Rodolfo being a normal guy joking around with normal friends and playing soccer. He mentions that none of them know about him being an ABDL and when one of them noticed that he was wearing diapers he just told them he was incontinent. They also mentioned that in addition to being ABDL, a professor, and a soccer player, that Rodolfo plays in a rock band. After the soccer game, Rodolfo and Samantha go back to his house for a playdate with one of his ABDL friends - Rodrigo. They play video games together while talking about how Rodrigo roleplays as a 10 year old vs. Rodolfo who roleplays as more of a 2 year old. One of the last quotes of the show is Samantha stating: "And this is the great paradox of ABDL, that they don't harm anyone and just want affection and yet provoke the hatred and rejection of so many."

All-in-all, and despite a few imperfections, I though the show did an outstanding job. Samantha always treated the interviewees with respect and care. She talked to them like friends and normal people and not like "subjects," which has not been the case in many other ABDL TV appearances. She tried on a diaper herself and mentioned that it was more comfortable than she suspected. When Rodolfo shows her some ABDL clothing, she says "that's so cute" and there isn't a hint of patronizing in her voice; rather she just states it as fact. Possibly more important then the wonderful host, the show emphasizes that ABDLs are just normal people with a somewhat abnormal hobby. All the ABDLs came across as intelligent and mature. They all had good work, other interests, and solid relationships.

I know that many people on here would be happy if they never saw another ABDL on TV again. However, I think more programs like this would actually be helpful in changing some people's perspectives. Not that I hope for a world where I can wear Winnie the Pooh overalls to work - because I don't - but it would be nice if tomorrow's teenagers didn't have to be afraid of being sent to a therapist because their parents found a diaper under the bed. Just my two cents.

Random side note that has nothing to do with anything - it seems like they stole the soundtrack from Juno which is fine, but totally random.

Final note - there is another segment that I missed where she interviews a professional nanny. It was pretty short and did add a whole lot. She talks about how everyone has fantasies and how she didn't see anything wrong with having this particular one. They also mentioned that she makes 100 euros an hour which I am sure sounds like a pretty good pay to a lot of people.
I watched segment 8 not realizing there were more if I clicked the back arrow :laugh: but from that segment I found it really good, I speak fluent Spanish so I could understand it (though my Spanish is a little rusty).. I wish they had a TV show in England that showed it in a positive light instead of a "sexual fetish" etc.. it would be nice to be understood, although I truly believe that it will get to a point where the world accepts things that are different to the norm. Looking back on history I believe that it seems to take people time but eventually they accept things
Huh. Couldn't get it to play. The little spinny thing just spun and spun. I'll have to try again later--not that I'll get much from it if it's all in Spanish, but whatever. :)
I 2nd CR5311's thoughts. Very cool (but I understand spanish). Tastefully done and the interviewer was amazing. Wonder if she wet? I liked her face when she was like these are soft and bulgy. Haha. The when she's sitting... but they're not uncomfortable.
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