Are wetting and messing different experiences for you?

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I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same as me about this:

Wetting has always been relatively easy and normal for me. Before I got back into diapers, I would pee on myself for fun while masturbating or in the shower, and it was always...just a regular part of my sexual expression. I used to be really disgusted by messing/scat, bit once I got into diapers, I started experimenting with messing myself. I've only done it a few times, and I find it to be a very intense experience, and very different than wetting.

I wet for both sexual pleasure and non-sexual comfort and convenience due to a problem with my prostate, but I only mess in a sexual context. Usually, I will feel like I have to poop, and then play with myself until I'm close to climax, and then try to time it so that I poop while climaxing. The resulting orgasms are quite powerful. I'm just wondering if anyone else has a similar experience.
Very much so, yes. Actually looking at your post, my "playing" is almost identical to yours in quite a few ways. For me, wetting was just a subset of diving deeper and exploring ab/dl culture. It has never really been something I fantasize about deeply, though I do very much enjoy it. As you said, wetting is both sexual and non sexual. I will often masturbate after wetting heavily but just as often, I'll just relax and use it as a tool for regression. I love the feeling of it but the act itself doesn't really excite me a whole lot. I also do it much more often than messing as of lately as it's much easier to clean up. For me, it all started with messing.

Messing on the other hand, is a very intimate and powerful experience for me. Messing was the original fantasy for me, even before diapers were involved, so it is much more intense and enjoyable, as well as pretty much exclusively sexual. Since I was 13, almost every mess has ended with me taking care of business, if you will.
tg4selfcheckout said:
Usually, I will feel like I have to poop, and then play with myself until I'm close to climax, and then try to time it so that I poop while climaxing.
I also do that a lot.

(Hope this thread isn't too far outside the pg-13 realm. Guess it'll get taken down if it is)
For me, wetting and messing produce different moods/reactions.

I love the feeling of warm pee running over my crotch and then the wet diaper on my diaper region.

When I mess, although the feeling is good, it gives me more of the little child/baby feeling.
I wet a lot more than I mess, and not just because of the frequency difference. Wetting for me is really relaxing, I don't have to get up and I don't have to change immediately. I've had anxiety about having to pee ever since I pissed myself in front of the class in 8th grade, so I usually run to the bathroom any time I feel even the slightest urge, and diapers take that worry away.

Conversely, messing requires almost immediate cleanup, and typically can't be done stealthily. The cleanup is a pain, too. Initially, I wouldn't mess at all, but I eventually got curious. Each time, I regret it at first because of the, well, mess. But overall, it's nice to do every now and then. Trying not to go into too much detail, I think it's because I don't push, I just let it happen, and it's a lot easier than relaxing on the other side.

So in essence, messing is definitely for different reasons and effects. Wetting is my go to, and the main reason I wear diapers.
Like Maxx said, for me diapers have never really been sexual, just comfort and sometimes practical. But yes, both experiences are different for me.

wetting is was drew me into diapers. When I was young I had bedwetting issues and would look forward to wearing a fresh goodnite every night, and would actually get ready early just to use it and be able to feel it wicking everything into the polymers and expanding. It's why I wanted to get back in too.

Messing I have no problem with providing that I have enough time at home for clean up, and the mess is large enough and not runny. When I had my first pack of Depends with tapes (winter 2012) I was super sick with bronchitis and had no energy drive. This was also around the time of my one real binge that I've had. Anyways, I was told to try goji berries to get over being sick, but be ware that they can "cleanse" you out. Well that happened the first day I took it, they did just that. I had just taped on a fresh diaper too, and did not want to ruin the tapes by undoing it when it had not been used. I tried and tried to hold everything in, my much like a shoddy built dam, the gates opened and it was a powerful experience that felt good on some level I have yet to deuce. More powerful than wetting, but less frequent.
For me wetting has always been not only more enjoyable, but easier to clean up, the few times I did mess, I was mainly indifferent to it, then I had to clean up and it became a chore. I also don't like seeing feces it usually just grosses me out.
Yeah I'm similar to the OP. I've fantasized about wetting for a long time, tried it before I had diapers, and once I did have diapers it was a pleasure right from the start.

Messing, on the other hand, ugh. I've tried it. I enjoy it for a couple seconds and I have had a couple of fairly intense sexual experiences as a result of it, but it's awful after that, I hate the cleanup, I hate everything about it. Basically, it's something that I do once every 4-6 months, time and opportunity permitting. Long enough in between that I start to get nostalgic about the parts I enjoyed and forget the icky parts.
Wetting and messing are very different things for me, yeah. Messing doesn't have /quite/ the same meaning for me... I see myself as a little kid who has urinary incontinence issues, which isn't that far from the truth. So wetting is very casual for me, partially because a lot of the time it's not entirely intentional, partially because I just don't view it as a big deal - it's why I need diapers, after all. If it wasn't expected for me to wet myself, why would I be put in them (by a Big), and changed regularly? Wetting is NBD as far as I'm concerned, although I do like how wetting makes the diaper change, showing when/if I need to be changed.

Messing... messing is a completely different experience. Messing can be slightly embarrassing, it's definitely much more babyish. And it's more of an event, too. If I mess, it makes me feel small and helpless in a nice way - I'm more of a blushy, snuggly toddler than a rambunctious little boy. It's a completely different feeling. Usually a deeper regression, one in which I'm totally dependent on someone else to change/look after me. Comforting, in a way - until it's change time.
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