Anyone take Bentyl for ibs, Long story today. Where will inc. take me to get a full diagnosis? Do i really need all this to get a diagnosis?;(

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  1. Incontinent
Has anyone taken oxybutin for bladder or Bentyl for ibs? Does oxybutin, not bentyl help? I tried a perscribed higher dose of the bentyl, for my uncontrolled bladder because doctor said take the full amount for ibs, it should help with your urinary inc. I didnt get up to that dose before (thank god not diarrhea) **** literally fell out the back of me while lying, on my back!!! This is so 'messed up for me' and doesnt ever happen. Could this be the bentyl? Am i wrong not to take the full 80 mgs and thats the problem? Im sorry, im not freaking out about one passed stool because i ran to a toilet, but im very not interested in trying to use the med further. I dont think it will help my inc. Im just going to tell her thats not actually working, focus on my bladder more please! Its probably another way to call me crazy with my ALL disordered life at the moment, OR maybe to not allow me to get insurance covered diapers for when my episodes are bad, but i need her to understand that she diagnosed wrong? I try to wear underwear but i LEAK unintentionally, i try to mention my back was broken...but its spondolysis WITHOUT myelopathy. I have seizures which can cause me to zone or loose consciousness... and sometimes im sure that contributes to loss of bladder function, but not often enough to make it a problem? I hide in my house! So i should go see the uro next? Do i care to have a full diagnosis or just leave my doc a sticky note saying "i still have __pee__ problems." I just hate cathetor use, its impossible for me and is catheterization a sort of diagnostic test being used and may it really hurt? Is that necessary? I dont know...does cytoscopy or whatever they call it hurt? Im so overwhelmed! They do understand
It as an inc problem basically because i mentioned, but i have almost too many accidents per day to know what from. Referel referel referels, here and there because im really not labeled as any specific incontinence type yet (doesnt really like doctors attention EVER SO embaressed!) As of beginning of this year, I sneeze like 20× per day rediculous and take allergy spray, ALSO crazy and WIERD that i would need to add that to all my other inc issues and my inc
started this year! I have had plenty of painful urination symptoms also WITH/OUT infection (Water! Water! Water!), bladder spasms from convulsions, and then ibs, all from the same annoying muscle contractions from tc's and sleep myoclonus and leg movement disorder. Last is my past history of being major major abused, as in assault or battery once to be exact, so everyone just may toss all my urinary problems off because they dont understand and think its stress? Im safe now...i feel safe too. Do I need another dr because she doesnt have any clues about this problem being physiologically a problem and psychologicaly it wreaks? Im only on neurontin, but that to is an exhausting factor and im loosing the battle to want to toilet urine every two hours. I barely feel my bladder or the release anymore till my nappy is wet. Im hiding my face from it now. Im not trying to cause more problems with meds, and i should say that. I just hate it, im wet im wet im not adjusting to bulk. At all anymore, im firmly saying that its not likely my rapist left anything but the fear that he caused this, vaginal pics were viewed by a doctor recently, fine but with some startle reaction and ptsd. I just wonder how the problem eventually gets fixed so i can move on from the inc, im just not down with it. I also dont want any more crazy meds for the past assault. Neurontin has helped take away that pain also. More of them now do want to punish me with the pshycology issues about my inc. It is ptsd, or not understanding the reason for my loss of control day and night, whatever to 'such as they think.' Should i consider to have a bladder treatment plan for my problem? Is this really trauma induced? Im not thinking about...What questions do i ask the urologist? I hope they focus on the urinary illness itself and not some random fact check called ibs that they learned by my doctor, by telling her i have bladder issues? That and i hope they do not contribute my inc to stem from my rape trauma which is digusting and wont talk about it because then im treated like i need to be medicated on crazy pills, which i was already there and Its almost like i need people to take me seriously when i need help anymore. Not just some terrible doctor who ignores my ic issues! So ya thanks for letting me rant. Oxybutin?
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Just remember it's your right to get a second opinion or to change doctors completely if you feel as if your not being treated as you expect to be or want a different opinion.
Oxybutin / Botox Injections / questions

1. I have had an overactive bladder ( OAB ) for over 30 years. I have been on oxybutin for 6 years. Two tablets, twice a day. Side effects were an issue. Just switched to a different formulation of oxybutin. One tablet, every 24 hours. Fewer side affects. I am being prepared for BOTOX injections. Some medications can improve the quality of life. Some don't. And, there always seem to be some level of bladder incontinence. Some inconvenience.
2. I could not upload a file containing questions you should ask your urologist.
3. Various websites have lists of questions you should ask your urologist.
4. I also have late onset of irritable bowel disease ( IBD ). Specifically, Crohn's. Bowel incontinence is less manageable. Affects one's life style.

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( Treatments to include drug treatments )

1. What is the name of the treatment?
2. Why do I need this treatment?
3. What might happen if I delay or avoid this treatment?
4. Are there any other treatment options? If so, describe them: What is the next step if this treatment doesn't work?
5. How much does the treatment cost? How can I find out?
6. Are there other costs to the treatment, such as equipment or therapy?


1. What kind of preparation is needed for this treatment?
2. Where will the treatment be done (hospital or other location)?
3. How is the treatment done?
4. Is the treatment painful?
5. Will the treatment be done only once or will it be repeated?
6. How successful is this treatment?
7. What are the risks associated with this treatment?
8. Who will do the treatment and how much experience does the doctor have in doing this treatment?
9. What effects are expected after the treatment?
10.What complications might develop (both immediate and long-term)?

1. Does my doctor recommend that I see another health professional? If yes:
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• Ask for more information about the treatment.
Ask about a second opinion.
• Ask if there are ways to reduce the costs.
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By the way, in my "personal opinion" all information viewed at ADISC ( this site ) should be viewed as a "non-medical" opinion. As >> reasonable and intelligent << ADULTS living in a modern society, health-related issues are best resolved by consulting with medical practitioners.
I only offer a perspective / opinion from someone who has inflammatory bowel disease ( IBD ) [ Crohn's with bowel incontinence] and Urinary Incontinence [ over active bladder ].
I respect everyone's perspective and opinion, and be nonjudgmental.
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