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I really like this design for a cloth style pull up, but have always avoided them as they don't come big enough sizes. I did notice recently though that in the description for their size 11, it says it stretches up to size 33 inch waist.

Has anyone tried the size 11 to know how well it fits for smaller adults with 32-33 inch waists?
These look pretty awesome, but the sizing is a bit hard to interpret. The size 11 has only an 18" rise, though, which is pretty low. I imagine this makes it to 20" or so when worn (they cite the "relaxed" rise), but realize that this is the end-to-end measurement of the diaper. If your waist-to-waist rise is 20", then most of the elastic on the diaper is going to be landing on your hips, not on your waist. For a 10- or 11-year-old kid, the difference might not be much. For a curvy adult, though, it can be very significant. I have a 38" waist, but 44" hips.

From this, I'd guess that an adult with anything larger than a 30" waist would probably find these too small and/or too tight. Regardless: Measure yourself carefully if you plan on trying these.
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Did anybody try adult super undies?
robbw said:
Did anybody try adult super undies?
Several people. Or so says the Search engine. The pull-on-only ones are available in waist sizes up to 44" now, which is pretty neat. Sadly, the brighter-colored varieties with snap closures only go to 32". That's what I would want. Alas for my 38" waist. :(
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