working out

  1. I

    New to needing diapers and wondering which diapers are good for workouts (Hope this hasn't been asked before)

    Hey everybody, I was recently diagnosed with urge incontinence and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for diapers you can workout in. I like to mainly run and some times do weights, yoga, and kick boxing. I've been using Depends real fit but wanted to see if there were any better...
  2. Cthulhu

    Trouble working out with IBS

    Often when i'm running or doing some very demanding exercise like deadlifts or squats, my stomach goes bananas. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes i just suddenly have to go to the restroom. I usually don't have a problem going #2 in public, but it's a bit embarrassing when you're in there for...
  3. D

    Odd motivation?

    So I'm thinking of starting to work out and lose some weight starting this spring. I'm not obese or anything(6', 33"~34" waist) but other than for my health I'd just really like to fit into a Goodnite. I just find the full padding front to back pull-up with prints to be very appealing but I'm...
  4. Thecomedyoflife

    Sound off fitness freaks!

    Just a discussion for everyone on the long road to elite fitness. Strength is power and power is great.