wearing diaper

  1. Pokogirl

    Diapered on Birthday

    So.... My birthday is coming soon. I thought I would wear diapers that day & do something special to make the day memorable. I have invited some of my best friends to my house. We will spend the day on various fun activities in the house, go out for some food in the evening & cut a small cake...
  2. Pokogirl

    Do you have problems eating when diapered?

    Eating and peeing both at the same time seems like an wonderful thing to do. But whenever I'm diapered I seem to lose apetite. Although I have no problem with the smell of urine. Today I had breakfast with my diapers on. I also peed during eating. Yes, it was fun. But after finishing my...
  3. Pokogirl

    Buying and Wearing Baby Diapers

    So,who wears baby diapers here? I have always wanted to try wearing baby diapers. I have decided to buy some. But I'm unsure which one. I know there are various kinds like pull-ups,pants style,regular disposable ones etc. (I'm actually not that knowledgable about diapers) Also the sizes matter...
  4. Pokogirl

    Toilets...Are they necessary?

    Wearing diapers have always helped to lessen the need to use toilets.Most of us here wear diapers to some extent that we would be able to avoid using the toilets a little without any problem.I myself try to avoid toilets as much as I can but still need to use it for changing and number 2. I...
  5. Pokogirl

    Your Diaper Routine

    Hello! I have been wearing diapers 24/7 for like 2 months and have recently taken a long break due to some bad experience.I have thought for some while and decided that instead of wearing 24/7 I shall follow a routine. It would be very helpful if you tell me your diaper routine and give me...
  6. S

    Looking for advice

    I'll start off by saying that I'm the Daddy type. I do like to wear myself but I have never let anyone know. Even my gf of 4yrs doesn't know. I've been trying to get her into being my Little and she's liking most of it. I am just looking for advice about possibly letting her know that I like to...
  7. AngelKitten

    Poll: What do you like to do while wearing your diaper?

    I am just curious: what sort of activities do you like to do while wearing your diaper, either at home, or out and about in public?
  8. ShyBuizel

    So why are you all afraid of buying diapers ?

    Today I got the strength to go out and buy some cheap Walgreens diapers. This is the first time I ever bought adult diapers >.< I figured I'd start low and work my way up to higher quality diapers eventually. But to tell you the truth I wasn't worried at all. Which was uprising. I was more...
  9. Blacksmith

    do your parents have a sixth sense about when you wear

    I was wondering if any one else parents who have a sixth sense about when, or that you are wearing diapers again.:sad::frown: my mom has that sense and she is not ok that I wear:wallbash: though she knows I have an interest in diapers, she has NO idea that I have worn to bed every night for the...