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I'll start off by saying that I'm the Daddy type. I do like to wear myself but I have never let anyone know. Even my gf of 4yrs doesn't know. I've been trying to get her into being my Little and she's liking most of it. I am just looking for advice about possibly letting her know that I like to wear but I'm far too shy. I've never let anyone see me wearing but I do love wetting and want to continue. I am on a few different sites and am thinking of creating a profile for my wearing side. Any advice about not being so shy about my other side would be great. Thanks for reading
Well, firstly do you trust her? Secondly, if you're uncomfortable or don't know how she feels about DLs, then mention it offhand and see her reaction (and remember a negative initial reaction isn't always bad, especially if it's not something she knows, or knows much about) Thirdly, is your wearing sexual, comfort, fun, other, a mix, etc? Cos depending on why you wear, depends on why you want to tell her.
Also - you're just a DL, not an AB, right? Because you'll need to explain to her about that too, so she understands that you don't need a caretaker just cos you wear. (And if you are an AB, explain that to her too)

I'm sorry I'm not a better help, but those are a few questions you can answer. You don't have to tell me the answers, but they are a good place to start.

I guess the biggest thing is to just be honest and open, if and when you do tell her, and expect to answer questions. Let her know exactly what it is that you like/want, so she knows from the beginning, and there isnt misunderstandings later.
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