Toilets...Are they necessary?

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Wearing diapers have always helped to lessen the need to use toilets.Most of us here wear diapers to some extent that we would be able to avoid using the toilets a little without any problem.I myself try to avoid toilets as much as I can but still need to use it for changing and number 2.

I would like to know, how much do you use them? Are they really necessary now that you have diapers? Can you/Do you want to live a life without toilets? Do you encourage the toilet free life?

The thought of living a tension-free life without toilets seems wonderful.I would like to try for myself for a few days.Any tips?
I wear diapers nearly all the time except to work. If diapers were more socially acceptable then i'd use them 24/7. Maybe one day i will be able to give up the toilet forever. :p but for now i still use the toilet at work and sometimes when i'm out in public.
Ah-hah! So they do make bigger diapers. That deceitful woman told me I'd have to learn to use the toilet! Well, fie on the toilet! It's made slaves of you all. I've seen it sitting in there: lazy, slothful, porcelain lay-about, feeding on other people's doo doos while contributing nothing of its own to society. [to the toilet] You get a job!
willnotwill said:
Ah-hah! So they do make bigger diapers. That deceitful woman told me I'd have to learn to use the toilet! Well, fie on the toilet! It's made slaves of you all. I've seen it sitting in there: lazy, slothful, porcelain lay-about, feeding on other people's doo doos while contributing nothing of its own to society. [to the toilet] You get a job!

Nice one Stewie!

As for me, I like to avoid public toilets, even the ones at my workplace. Going 24/7 can bring up some health problems such as infections and loss of control so using the toilet occasionally isn't so bad
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I still use the toilet the majority of the time during the day, because it's more convenient than spending all that time cleaning up and changing, and the hassel/risk that goes with changing at work. Overnight however, the potty's off-limits ;)
Put it this way, I've got my own bathroom and have had the same roll of toilet paper for atleast 3 years next to the toilet
I use the toilet all the time during the daytime while i'm at school. But as for overnight when i'm in bed, I avoid it because i'm wearing my diapers for comfort and to avoid bedwetting
For me the toilet monster scares me. My bathroom is only used to take a baffers in. Back to the monster he makes funny noises all the time (it constantly runs)
I still use the toilet even when I have diapers however if I could get away with it I would like to wear 24/7. I don't want to wear to work when I'm in a hot kitchen and black pants and I have worn in public a couple of times but not often. However most of the time I am at home I am in a diaper and rarely use the toilet.
I'm currently on another stint of 24/7 but the toilet is still very useful in disposing of waste. I've never felt any resentment toward toilets. Diapers mean more to me than just some kind of alternative toilet. From a practical standpoint, they win for me 99/100. I wouldn't be wearing if it was simply a matter of convenience. Indoor plumbing, including toilets is one of our great advances and I wouldn't care to flush that away for all the diapers in the world.
I really do have to agree that toilets are much much more practical, especially for people that have no problem controlling themselves. But at the same time, I believe many people would take advantage of the convenience of wearing adult diapers if there wasn't such a harsh stigma and standard attached to them. Don't get me wrong, I really doubt nearly anyone besides those with incontinence and diaper lovers would ever 'switch' to diapers, but I truly think that people would use them for certain situations like traveling, events, shows, commuting, and other instances where a toilet may not be readily available. Stigma or not, I'm sure that adult diapers would be a touchy subject because of all of the bodily functions that they are intended for, but that doesn't change my theory.

In my own personal life, my bladder issues still only call for protective underwear and not a full blown diaper. But at the same time, I wear diapers for their convenience at every chance that I get. Also, even though I am not a germophobe, I cannot stand public restrooms. In these cases, I'd much rather wear a diaper that can accommodate a long period of time than change often to feel dry. And the obvious other point is that I'd rather not ever use a public toilet for anything.

Still, in my life as a partiality incontinent diaper lover, I still see the use for toilets, especially at home.
I wear 24/7 for urinary incontinence.
I generally avoid public restrooms, but occasionally I am in need of a hand washing or a diaper change and must enter. Never public toilet for #2.

I have come to prefer diapers over the toilet for pee. The toilet does not keep my pants dry.
I use the toilet 95% of the time for the douce.
I don't mind messing, but my girlfriend would.

In general however, I think toilets will be around for a long time.
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Toilets are far more environmental friendly than diapers. Can you imagine the landfill overflow if everyone wore 24/7? Since I wear for pleasure, I confine myself to one per week for that and other reasons.
A "sanitary sewer system" is one of the hallmarks of the modern city. (though there were exceptions in a few ancient civilizations) And by "sanitary" I mean "not running a canal or a pipe to the nearest river"
I can count the times I used a toilet in the past year on one hand! Like diapers better. I only use disposables at work and for #2.
I really don't enjoy going #2 in a diaper. I've tried it, but it's not something I'd want to do except maybe once in a blue moon. So I definitely have a toilet for that and end up using it once a day more or less. I'll also use the toilet at work because I don't wear diapers to work and wetting my pants seems like it would be bad. =P

I have gone through periods where I only used the toilet for #2 and just held it through work (yeah, yeah, not that healthy, I know) so that I was only peeing in diapers for periods of a few days at a time. And it is nice to know that if my toilet backed up, it wouldn't be a massive emergency and I could get a plumber at a reasonable price instead of the panic come immediately rate.
So, when I was 18 I got crabs off of a toilet seat. No, seriously! :) I was working on Mackinac Island at the time (tourist destination in Michigan), I hadn't been intimate or even close, I didn't share a bed or clothing with anyone, and I was living in a dorm on an island filled with hundreds of horny young adults living on an island with LOTS of places to go have sex.

The toilet was the obvious culprit. Put me off public toilets for many years.
I can't afford to wear diapers that frequently so unfortunately most of my pee and poop goes in a toilet. I wouldn't want to mess all the time, but if it was convenient I could see myself forgoing the potty most of the time and peeing my diapers instead.

There was an incident last year where I went to use the bathroom at Walmart and the gap between the stall doors was huge. I did my business anyway, but back at home I didn't want to use the potty anymore. I stuffed a Huggies in my underwear to pee, but eventually went to the toilet to poop.

I do, however, know another fun place to piddle besides diapers: outside! There's a couple different spots around my house I can use depending on the circumstances, although I usually wait until after dark. Swimming pools are fun to pee in too, but that's kind of naughty...
I wear 24/7/for IC but do use the toilet for #2, I don't enjoy messing but firmly believe I could learn to deal with it, I adapted to bladder IC in about 2 days mentally , it took me much longer to be good at taping, I had several good friends who were ABDL'S, taught me everything they ever learned about wearing and taping, and of course I needed to find my "personal style" but It all worked out, so I think I could really adjust if I needed to, so toilets could be a thing of the past as far as I go, and if you look at a bottle of Dasani water it claims to be 100% recyclable plant based, and plastic , which also tells me that diapers can be made with a plastic film that we all prefer instead of that cloth stuff , and I imagine that all the fluff and SAP could be dealt with and toilets could be an only emergency basis,unless in China were toilets are only for westerners.

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