1. BurgundyRose

    Travel Advice?

    I'll be going on a weekend vacation very soon and I need some advice. I'll be out the vast majority of the day and staying in a hotel with a few other people at night. I won't be the only person in my hotel room. I'm concerned about needing diapers for the trip. I have occasional incontinence...
  2. SparkleBunny

    Cups, candy, and my first onesie

    I went on a trip to Nashville with my parents a few days ago. I had gotten candy that was in a toad stool and then a magenta Keroppi tin.The toad stool was cherry and Keroppi was strawberry (both were sour). At a store they had $1.00 party cups so I picked up the old Care Bears and the last...
  3. Cthulhu

    My diapered week in london

    Remember that trip to London i posted about (With the other account i made called ''Luxuria''. Ceating that account was a mistake, i won't use it again and didn't mean to use more than one account) ? Well, i made it. I made it to the hotel in London (from Sweden) with a weeks supply of diapers...
  4. Cthulhu

    Going abroad for a week, just to wear diapers 24/7

    I'll start by saying that i don't wish to become incontinent, i only want to get as close as possible to experiencing what it would be like, for a short time. I'm not sure if i can pull this off, but it's something i've fantasized about for a couple years. What i want to do is to go on vacation...
  5. archerstaley

    Going on a cruise in diapers

    Just got back from a Royal Caribbean cruise and it was awesome. So much fun. I had no problems with my incontinence on the ship. All the attendants were very helpful and understanding. This is the second cruise I have gone on since my injuries and becoming incontinent and this was a much better...
  6. tommytemper

    A very cliché story.

    Chapter One. So we were about off for our summer vacation, two weeks up at our grandparents cabin on the lake, and I just couldn't wait swimming, fishing, hiking, and campfires all things I loved. But first we had to finish loading the SUV, most the big things we had packed in the trailer the...
  7. Sitherus

    Christmas Plans

    What do you have planned for Christmas this year "2012"? "Me, I've got plans to go to New York." I will be heading there on the 13th and will be staying there till the ball drops. Ill be staying there with family and be enjoying my time there." How bout any of you?
  8. samh

    Diapers During the Vacation!

    So next week i am going on a family vacation to the US. My question is how would you suggest i go about buying diapers here, i know there are loads to choose from in Walmart as compared to Tesco/Asda here, i was just wondering how i could do it. My only transport is by my parents... How would i...
  9. Missilekid10

    Taking Diapers to Rome (The Airport)

    Our family is taking a trip to rome as my sister is spending a semester in Rome. This will be my spring break and I'm hoping it to be a relaxing vacation. I have been thinking about taking one or two diapers with me in case i find the thought of wearing one for a day. My only worry is if someone...
  10. betagame

    Going to Alaska for over three weeks (JULY 30 UPDATE IN LAST OP POST)

    I am going on a road trip to Alaska to see things and possibly visit relatives. any dangerous things that I should be aware of? thanks!! Update jul 19, 2009: I am in Boise Idaho to visit my grandfather and I am using the Super 8 wifi.
  11. harris

    What's a Cruise Like?

    I'm being dragooned to go on a ten day cruise in Alaska as part of an extended family reunion. I don't relish the family reunion part, but I'm trying to be positive about this. It is a vacation, after all. I've never been on a cruise or to Alaska. My idea of a good vaction is a white-sand...
  12. betagame

    Going to Mexico for over 2 weeks.

    I am going to Mexico to visit relatives. I have been there before so I'm not scared of things. the reason I am posting this is because I don't want people saying where I am and people not wondering why I didn't reply to their PMs.
  13. Jeremiah

    Just about time for me to go.

    It is almost time for me to leave this sight for a while. I have almost two weeks off from work and will be traveling to North Carolina and Tennessee. During this time, I will be without internets.:damnpc: You all will be missed during this time.:sad: My plan is a road trip to visit the Smoky...