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I’m currently into my third week of going 24/7 and enjoying the experience so far. My partner and I enjoy our regular trips abroad and we’re off on our first holiday of the year next week. I had initially thought of taking a break from going 24/7 whilst away, but I’m enjoying it so much I think I want to stay padded, and it will be an experience to travel whilst wearing a diaper, definitely something I’d like to try.

So send me your experiences, tips and advice for travelling and staying abroad please! My main concern is disposing of the used diapers.
If your flying ouch. If not your good. Just I would not doing anything were you need to be searched by security.
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Traveling does pose a number of difficulties for 24/7 wearers. There is likely lots of different advice depending on your individual situation. Let us know more about what kind of trip you will be on, and you can get better individual advice.

I am not incontinent, so when I travel, I usually switch to pull-ups rather than diapers. They take up less room, are more discreet, and still let me be padded 24/7. That obviously is not an option for some, but it makes it so much easier and still is fun and comfortable. I usually do take some proper diapers depending on what I will be doing and what plans I have for the trip.

I prefer a real diaper when flying (I make sure it is dry when I go through airport security) and on travel days or when I will be sitting or doing very little. On shorter trips, I will also often wear diapers at night, but longer trips it just isn't practical to bring enough diapers for 1 per night. I plan in advance how many diapers to bring and how many pull ups. I usually bring 1 extra diaper and 2 extra pull ups plus as many as I need for each planned day of the trip.

Days that have a lot more going on such any kind of sightseeing, physical activities, or a lot of unknowns, I will be in a pull up and have a small bottle of lotion to lubricate the thighs if needed. Depend real-fit are my go-to for discreet pull-ups and you can fit many of them very discreetly into luggage and day bags.

I often wear 2 pull-ups so that I can wet the inner pull up, then rip it off and throw it away and already have the second one on without having to take off my pants/shoes to put a new one on. Having 2 is also thicker and more safe feeling while being perfectly discreet. Once I am wearing only 1 pull-up, I try to keep it dry just in case I am unable to change it reasonably soon.

As far as disposing of diapers, I don't like to toss them in the hotel garbage, so I will often carry them in an opaque bag and throw them in an outside garbage can or public trash receptacle when possible. Even just a hallway garbage in the hotel or public bathroom in the lobby is better than tossing them in your room.

In public, I have never had a hard time finding a place to dispose of a wet pull up. Once again, diapers are harder due to their bulk, but even they can be discreetly delt with in most situations without any cause for concern.

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have specific questions or specific situations you need advice for. Chances are, at least a couple of us have been though anything you might be worried about.
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If you are flying, try to stay dry until you get through security.
If security notices, own it. It’s and adult diaper, it is ok to admit it, you will not be the first people who wears them, won’t be the last, probably not the first or last that day.
If you can pack enough good, otherwise order and ship them to where you will be

If you act like it is taboo and something to be ashamed of, others will pick up on that. Treat it like it is something that you have to wear, have had to deal with for a long time and every day.
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patrick1776 said:
Let us know more about what kind of trip you will be on, and you can get better individual advice.
It’s a week in Gran Canaria. Nothing much planned other than to relax and enjoy some warmer weather.

We’re staying in a self catering holiday bungalow. If there’s communal bins then I don’t need to worry. But if not, then I’m not sure how I’d feel about wearing when there’s no options for disposing. (Other than the bin in the hotel room which the maids empty). I don’t want it to be a hassle as that will take the enjoyment out of it. I May just go with my original plan and take a break from wearing for the week.
It would eliminate the need to locate a restroom in unfamiliar locations. And once on the plane it would also keep you out of restroom queues and having to maneuver in the limited space of those facilities. For disposal just take some plastic grocery bags in your luggage and double bag your used diapers, I don’t think anyone will be inspecting your trash.
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Depending on the length of stay, have more diapers shipped to your hotel (direct from store) for less luggage to carry.

Airport security is a nuisance but you need not worry about it nor take extra precautions before passing through it. As mentioned, if you get searched just tell them it's a diaper, they've seen it before, it's not a big deal wet or dry. You may get extra pat down and scanned for explosives, but they're as uncomfortable as you are and just want to get you on your way.

Hotel staff expect private things to be in your private room, and will pretend they don't see it... The only one inconvenienced by disposing of diapers outside your room (instead of using the trash receptacles inside it) is you. While there may be water cooler talk among staff, they're in the business of hospitality, not making you uncomfortable - they want you to come back unless you're a bad guest, and wearing diapers and disposing of them appropriately is not being a bad guest. There are many other interesting things guests being and leave out in their rooms than used diapers in the trash bin, lol. If your room isn't cleaned daily or your diapers are stinky, it isn't a bad idea to single bag them in used diaper sized bags - there are bags sold for this purpose or you can repurpose other disposable bags.

Traveling diapered is no different than being home diapered. Have your diaper bag close at hand when out and about, and wear the protection your used to. Leaks suck, trying out different products for the first time is always an opportunity for learning their limits the hard way, you don't need that stress or extra cleanup while away from home and trying to enjoy your vacation. If traveling over seas and you want to order diapers, do some research to make sure the locally available/ordered product is equivalent to what your used to at home. For example, while pullups may work for some, they'd be miserable for those of us used to not changing as often. Different diapers hold different amounts, etc.

I've found the worst thing that can happen is running out of diapers, so over estimate your needs because not having enough is not pleasant...

Just my two cents, use what you find useful!

Have a super enjoyable trip, and do so diapered if you want!
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