Going on a cruise in diapers

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Just got back from a Royal Caribbean cruise and it was awesome. So much fun. I had no problems with my incontinence on the ship. All the attendants were very helpful and understanding. This is the second cruise I have gone on since my injuries and becoming incontinent and this was a much better experience than the Carnival Cruise.
On Carnival they would not empty the trash if they say a diaper in it. even if i bagged it for them. I would have to take it to a public trash can on the ship and them was even talked to about it by the customer service that they did not dispose of that kind of stuff. Even after I had informed them of my disability.
Royal Caribbean on the other hand was awesome. I informer them of my incontinence and they told me they would take precautions with the bed and that if I need supplies while i was aboard they would be more than happy to help me out.
Loved the trip!
Hey. Glad you had a good time. I've cruised to the Bahamas with both companies and I definitely liked Royal Caribbean better. I had no issues with diapers I just thought the people on the RC ship were much better and happier bunch. Plus, the Carnival ship just seemed much more dirty with nothing to do, but gamble and eat.
carnival strikes me as the "walmart" of cruise ships, the price is cheap but you get all of what you pay for.
I have cruised extensively despite my incontinence, having made back-to-back cruises in the same ship for as long as 28 days. During most of my cruises I was only bowel incontinent, so I usually only wore two diapers a day. Now that I more recently also am bladder incontinent, that number will increase.

Cruising offers a stable base of operations for those of us who are incontinent, plus the advantage of unpacking only once. I have used upper-middle-tier cruise lines and enjoyed complete comfort regarding my incontinence.:smile: To be considerate of the cabin stewart and maid, I bring disposal bags and always bag my diapers - and double-bag them if they are leaky or messy.

I inform the room steward of my medical condition and what I intend to do in order not to make his job any more difficult than it already is. An extra tip at the end of the cruise would be only proper.

Also, it is only prudent to bring extra protection for the bed, even though many cruise lines will provide a mattress protector if you tell them you are incontinent. They usually also will provide a large trash can or a diaper pail on request.

IMHO, the better cruise lines are more understanding and prepared to accommodate someone who is incontinent.

I only have occasional night issues. But when I travel I always wear to ensure not messing up beds.

I've been on a couple cruises with diapers (Norwegian and Princess) -- both were very professional and discrete about disposing used diapers from the room. Never had any trouble. Definitely left a good tip above the standard one - at the end.

Ive never been on carnival to compare - but I definitely thought the service and accommodations were superior on Norwegian -- reflected too in the higher price
I love vacation and we plan on doing a northern European cruise during Christmas this year with a bunch of family. It should be great! That will once again be Royal Caribbean. I have never been on a Norwegian or Princess cruise though. I also did not get the larger trash can. that would have made things so much easier on our attendant. I will be sure to ask for that next time.
Also....yes. I left a really big tip. Our attendant was beyond amazing. Making sure to empty the trash and check the room multiple times a day. even making towel art! LOL
It would be useful for everyone to post their detailed observations on their success or difficulties wearing diapers while on a cruise ship so that we can build a database about which lines are the most supportive.

I have had excellent experiences with two major cruise lines - Celebrity and Oceania and recommend them.

Great idea john!
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