1. trysexiea

    For trans people

    Have you already started the process of feminization (MtF) or masculinization (FtM) the stages consists of: validation by a psychiatrist, then hormonal treatment, permanent hair removal, feminisation /masculinisation voice, surgery. You have to know that some countries take full charge of the...
  2. PrincessEsther

    Hello from a Trans Little in Texas

    Hello! I'm new here, I guess! You can call me Vee. I'm trans, I'm a woman, I'm snuggly, I'm probably asexual. I'm here. So hi. I dunno. Is there much more I should talk about here?
  3. ESPF

    Thanks for the add :)

    Hello my "name" is ESPF At least for now :) Ummm. What to say about myself? I'm an Over-The-Hill transwoman, and a lesbian. (22 years on HRT now and living full time as myself.) I know a LOT of transwomen say they are lesbian when they first come out and start transition... And after a couple...
  4. Zillabrony13

    I...I think I might be a Trans-Girl.

    After talking with a friend and thinking for awhile....I think I might be a Trans-Girl. *blushes* I...I thought I'd post my reasons for suspecting such a thing here to get your opinions on the matter and uh...maybe get some advice on how to test the waters? I do plan on seeing a therapist in a...
  5. PrincessSara

    Trans & Gender Queer/Fluid & Questioning Skype Group Chat - 1st Chat May 31st 5PM PST!

    well, since I'm impatient, here goes :P Hi there! I thought it might be pertinent to set up something in the same vein for exclusively Trans/Gender-variant people/Questioning folk and see if there was much interest. This will not be limited to EC+'s, everyone trans/gender-variant/Questioning...
  6. SBLeslie

    Passed for a girl... wasn't trying...

    Interesting (pleasant) surprise I had last night at a football game. I went to the concessions and the person there called me ma'am and "she" even after I had told them what I wanted. I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket! Certainly a pleasant surprise. Does anyone else have any...
  7. AnnieAutomatic

    Conflicted about being trans.

    Well I will start off by saying hello! A bit about myself and why im posting. I am very conflicted with my inner self recently. I decided over a year ago that I was going to give up trying to transition and stay a man. I cut off my hair -It was quite traumatic yes- But i found myself liking the...
  8. Rawrzipan

    I'm Back!

    I's been gone fow soooo wong, I fink I should weintwoduce mysewf. I's Kwystaw. I came out as twans wast yeaw and I stawted Estwogen on Vawentine's Day! I's a wioness cubby! I's just *holds up two fingers* is many yeaws owd!
  9. Kiani

    I Need Prom Dress Help! :)

    So, as many of you may or may not know, I was born male, but am starting the transition process to become female! I am very exited about this and am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin. While I am not "out" officially yet as transgender in school I do wear somewhat "girly" clothing...
  10. ModifiedToddler

    New kid!

    Hi everyone, I'm Mikey (: I'm new to adisc and am here for my interest in regression and diapers! I consider myself a toddler, between the ages of 2 and 6. ^__^" Aside from that, I'm a college student. I'm studying sociology and women & gender studies, working towards a social work degree. I...