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  • Sorry I’ve been away. Sometimes I just get really nervous and anxious, and replying to people can be hard. It’s my bad. My really bad.

    Stuff is hard LGBT+ wise. I’m scared so much lately. Possibly for no reason. I won’t elaborate, but I’ve been a coward and have been so afraid lately.

    I wish I could have a nice little night sometime soon. With another little would be amazing. My partner isn’t a little, and right now I’m a little strapped for cash. Since I haven’t been wetting the bed lately, I can’t justify buying any diapers with where my bank account is. It’s the worst. But I’d love to be snuggled up with another little girl. Or we’ll, somebody femme. Ish.
    Awww, I was really looking forward to hearing from you! I had a little night last night, and I'm having another one tonight. Not only do I have a girls outfit on and my hair done (which I love looking like this), but I have a diaper on as well and my Teddy is by my side! :) <3 Even though I was alone (which is one of the worst parts of my life, I hate being alone), I imagined I was with another little, cuddling in bed, having a sleepover with the two of us and all of our stuffed animals. I'll be doing the same thing tonight. How are you?
    I'm doing as best as I can, but most of my struggles have nothing to do with my gender. Whether Trump wants to acknowledge it or not (honestly, he knows that he's incorrect, but he just wants to beat us down into submission), I'll be who I am, and whoever doesn't like it can kiss my ass. My struggles have to do with my mother and the drama she generates, and I'm not doing well in that area. Honestly, I never do. How have you been? Both in terms of being LGBT and just in terms of life itself? :) <3
    Oh I’m sorry. I thought I replied. I definitely still want to talk. But whoever you are and whatever your gender is, I hope you’re doing okay these days. It’s sort of rough.
    Hey, you haven't messaged me in a while. You're really cool, and I'd like to keep talking to you if you'd like. :)
    Hmmm...I have a "never say never" system when it comes to my gender and sexuality. I've felt feminine for a very long time and I do act feminine, but I don't truly feel like a woman. Then again, I don't truly feel like a man either. Even if I weren't out around my family, I'd have no problem admitting what I am here, mainly because there's no judgment and no hate here, so I would have nothing to worry about.

    I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about LGBT stuff too, so feel fine to ask/say anything else! Of course, about 90% of what I say and at least 25% of what I think now has to do with Trump trying to destroy us, so that doesn't make it much easier.
    Lol. I thought I was.

    Have you been able to find out more about your gender? It seems very possible that you’re a non-binary or something, but even more likely that you’re a trans woman who is at least partially in denial for some reason or another. Which you know. There are a lot of reasons.

    Sorry, I was just re-reading the LGBT thread I guess we kind of met in. Or your contribution right after my comment. And LGBT stuff, especially gender, is definitely what I spend a lot of time thinking about.
    I could use more nice people too. Okay. :3

    How often would you say you come around these parts? When I joined I meant to show up here a lot more than this, but I sort of don’t. Lol.
    *facepalm* Yep, that's on my to-do list. My head's terminally lodged in my ass, and this is one of the many messes I have to handle. We can either talk on our visitor messages for now or on Discord, whichever you prefer.
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