1. KittyninjaW

    What are your 3 favorite songs?

    The title says it all. What are your 3 favorite songs? For me they are, 1. Hotel California 2. Hyperdrive 3. "Believe in yourself" Sonic CD Japan/Europe ending.
  2. tiny

    "I Am A Child" by Neil Young

    EDIT: Gah! Apparently it's a song by Buffalo Springfield, of which Neil Young was a member. I really hesitated in creating a new thread for this, but I just came across an amazingly cool song with some cute lyrics that made me wonder whether the old rocker, Neil Young, has some AB...
  3. Ian16545

    Changing time games and songs?

    Don't know if this has been talked about yet or not, but: Are there any songs you like to hear/games you like to play while having your diaper changed? Of course, there's the usual things: peek-a-boo, boop-on-your-nose, the Alphabet Song, This Little Piggy... But here's what I'd pick: Eye...
  4. xtrabulk

    Song in yor head while diapering/getting diapered?

    I'm starting to think I'm more than a tad OCD here. Does anyone else have a song they sing or hum to themselves while getting/getting ready to be diapered? My wife recently pointed out that I quietly hum Christmas carols (specifically the one about Donning we now our gay apparel) when getting my...
  5. Coyote_Howl

    Favorite cover song?

    Since the old cover song thread died awhile ago, lets begin anew? Thus, as the title says, what is your favorite (or for those who can't decide, top 3 or something) cover song? I will add as well a related but separate question: What makes a good cover song in your opinion? As for mine, I'm...
  6. PCBaby

    songs that we can identify with

    Hi All, I came acroos this song today on another siote and I thinks it says a lot about some of us. I've also psoted the link in my blog. Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift LYRICS ON-SCREEN *HQ HD* Studio Version - YouTube
  7. foxkits

    Feeling little songs

    When you are feeling little what songs do you use. I like lullaby's from every were like Roney,s baby lullaby.Are there any babyfur songs you like? Fox