1. inconsurferdude

    Incontinent and curious about ABDL diapers

    I've been in diapers for most of my adult life and other than a Bambino sample years ago I've never tried wearing any of the ABDL diapers. During the day I mostly wear Tranquility ATN, usually with plastic pants and always with a onesie. Part of my job is outdoors and in this summer heat I'm...
  2. H

    Underwear Suggestions

    I have been looking for underwear/ boxer briefs that are boyish and have designs on them. So far I have found a few brands that fit my 34in waist and 41 in hips. Here are a few things I’ve found and a review of them: 1. Fruit of the Loom Husky Boys' Tag Free Cotton Boxer Briefs from Amazon...
  3. Isle

    Q-diapers with prints

    I have always worn only vanilla diapers and am wondering why the printed ones are so popular given the extra expense and the fact that they wind up in the trash a few hours later. Is it just to spice up life, or does it give you a more baby feeling? Thinking I would try it but hesitate to...
  4. SuperTed

    Plastic pants for disposables

    Does anyone know of any plastic pants which are designed for use with disposables? So far I only know of these: These I have several pairs and they are really fantastic. They have a wonderfully snug but comfortable fit. I...
  5. Prairie

    Dreams of finding new diaper prints/sizes/styles?

    Dreams of new diaper prints/designs? Anyone ever have dreams of finding new diaper prints/sizes/styles that you just love? Pretty regularly I dream of being in the store and finding new prints of Goodnites. Just thinking of them I can remember several, all jumbled together. I always find new...
  6. YankeeFox

    Prints and Designs: What are your favorites? What's out there?

    Hi, ADISC! I've got a question. I find that I am in the happiest place (:cloud9:) when I am wearing cutely printed, aesthetically pleasing diapers. I find the zebra-stripe/heart-print GoodNites are just my favorite thing to wear on a day off. I lament the fact that Lion King Huggies are a thing...
  7. C

    What is the Most Embarassing Diaper to be caught wearing ever.

    I found this topic interesting what do You think What's The most embarassing:o diaper/nappy to be caught wearing by anyone you don't know or in public. This question relates to baby and adult diapers. So pick a diaper and post id like do see which diaper is the most embarassing. while making...
  8. D

    SELFMADE ADULT BABY DIAPER PRINTS (downloadable and printable)

    Hi, I started to make my own adult baby diaper prints, trying to mimic some of the old pampers from 80's and 90's. I also make some of my own with images I find on the internet. Now I have 2 disney baby ones, that is ready for you to print on your diapers! The size of the print is nearly same...
  9. D

    Cheap adult nappies

    does anyone know what the cheapest nappies with prints are? (UK Delivery)
  10. Eriq83

    Pampers Prints

    seen these in Target today and figured some of you would want to see these....If you havent already:biggrin: Pampers Prints Diapers: Learn About Pampers Prints Diapers at E