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  • I've never really known if someone should respond to a story or not, but your recent post was well written. You describe the emotional feelings of your character very well. Love your intent on making a believable scenario.
    Hi mate hope the lovely city of Adelaide is treating you well and you aren't going to finish all the magnificent port before I get there next time!
    Alright I guess, I'm starting university in 2 days. Excited and nervous at the same time.
    Super good are you? I'm doing really well thanks. Got myself 2 weeks off before I start my new job. So I'm sure you can guess what I'm up to, hehe
    Awesome! I'm trying out the red ones today over an Abena. It's pretty awesome I must say
    *Crinkle* Awesome plastic pants dude! Now I just need to have someone over to enjoy the crinkliness and down a few beers with
    Well I wouldn't say no to referral fees...You selling any plastic pants? I need to buy myself a good pair. The ones I had tore around the leg so they are pretty much useless now. Yeah I've seen that site before. Cushies are pretty cool.
    My job is local, but I can still see myself living at home for at least another year. I guess it depends how much I can save seeing as I would be looking to buy.
    I'm only back on here because I got a message the other day and thought I should probably see what's happening on here again.
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