1. kashi

    Putting a face to your little side.

    Hey guys I've got a question and possibly a desire just to talk it through assuming anyone shares a similar sentiment. My little side is a grand part of me and it is getting more and more expression as I grow more comfortable with the fact that I don't need to hold it in quite so intensely. I...
  2. kashi

    Compartmental merge.

    Okay so I need help to figure this out or I guess I just wanna talk it out with someone. Because I'm feeling a bit unsure of myself and how to feel. I've always compartmentalized well. Since I was young I had a knack for it. It's what got me through my rough childhood and ultimately has served...
  3. askmelater47

    My Little Pony...Favorites? ...and some extra fun?

    Hey, recently i started watching MLP: FIM and i absolutely love the show. Rainbow Dash is my favorite and Applejack is a close second. But i do like all the ponies. I had this idea earlier, you know how each pony has a different persona, its more than likely your favorite pony has a persona...
  4. stringsplash

    Hi! Greetings and Introductions and all that jazz

    Hey all! Greetings. I'm here not for as much support as I am to learn about all these different topics and find others who have similar interests, diapers or other interests. Speaking of, I have a wide variety of interests: Sports, to music, to different subjects in school, to different...
  5. gottibear

    The little side coming to the surface during stress and fatigue.

    I was wondering if anyone else's little side surfaces while stressed and or tired. I will give a "perfect storm" example of it surfacing Sometimes, I stay up all night and then go to school and work on cars all day. I get exhausted, sometimes my blood sugar feels nearly bottomed out(causes...
  6. Piplup

    The "Little" things you do everyday.

    So like me, I'm sure most of you can't (and maybe don't want to) regress everyday, but somehow the Little side of you seems to appear in some way. So my question to you all is: what (mostly) socially acceptable things do you do quite often that appease your Little side? Are these things are a...
  7. Romans58

    Spotting an AB/DL

    I'm on a mission to use Holmesian deduction to find other DL's. As easy as it would be to try to find a local DL online (which actually isn't always that easy) I personally would prefer to meet/find another DL in person. I did an extremely simple and unprofessional survey (I went "facebook...
  8. P

    what diaper best reflects your personality? puns intended!

    I am an Underjam i can take alot of *stuff* and not feel the weight of it or even let it out. if i work too long, ill start to fall apart. i am also very cute :smile1:
  9. tiny

    Types of "attachment" in adult relationships

    I was reading about some psychological study about the different types of attachment that people have in romantic relationships, and I was curious as to whether AB/DLs and care-givers are more of one type than another. I don't (yet) have any information to compare AB/DLs against the population...
  10. leicesterfan

    How would you describe you personality? (Part 2)

    Here is the second part of the question. How do you feel when you ARE in diapers? I have a developed theory on this and I want to see if it is true. Again, feel free to post comments etc underneath
  11. leicesterfan

    How would you describe you personality? (Part 1)

    This is a thing that has always fascinated me. How do you feel when you're NOT in diapers? Please choose the one you feel most suits you from the poll above and then please feel free to post you opinions underneath. After you've completed this, please proceed to this thread and answer the...
  12. PrinceMatthew

    Being TB/DL ect. doe's it reflect your personality?

    Ok, I made this thread because I wanted people to discuss what we all are like in real life, when we go to school/work ect. let me start. although im a DL and used to even be a TB, I don't reflect that at all, Im very mature, Im a very serious student, I don't have alot of emotion's, I pretty...