1. Littleone91

    Need help with getting rid of nasty taste off of pacifier

    I just bought brand new pacifiers from Amazon and I washed them and hot water and soap for 30 minutes I took them out rinse them off really well but for some reason my pacifiers tastes horrible. I soak them in mouthwash for over half an hour and they still tastes horrible what do I do? How do I...
  2. T

    on my quest to find a good pacifier clip i have had to restart

    does anybody know where i can get one that looks it looks exactly like this (and it also having good sowing) with the color (white snap with white clip with black band)?
  3. T

    pacifier clips

    does anyone know where i can gat a all black (except for the snap and clip) pacifier clip
  4. OriginalT

    Pacifer help!

    I've been looking into getting a pacifier and trying to do as much research as possible. So if anyone could post a picture of their favorite and tell me why you like it,as well as tell me about one you hate or what i should stay away from or look for? pros and cons? looking for info on both...
  5. BayB8

    NUK Pacifier Comparison Help

    I am interested in trying a pacifier and have been poking around the site to see which one people suggest. It seems NUK 5 or 6 is the most common. I'm just not sure which I should get. I looked them both up on amazon and Nuk 5 seemed to be pretty inexpensive $12.99, but then the Nuk 6 was like...
  6. DaddysBabyMonkey

    My first pacifier Wondering if this paci will be too small or if it will work.
  7. bvb123

    Pacifier Fetish

    Hello everybody! :D I've decided to create this thread because I've been on this site for almost 3 years and I've never actually told my story about how it all began to everyone, so without further ado I'd love to share my experience with you all :) So ever since I was little I've always had...