1. ESPF

    Seeking Roommate

    I have a TWO bedroom her in north/east Ohio. (Between Cleveland and Kent) Obout 5/10 min north of the collage. 2 BR/1 B, Kit, Din/Liv, Landry Your half of the Rent/utilities will be about 500.oo a month PM me for more information
  2. ESPF

    Cleveland, Kent, Akron area group?

    As I haven't been able to find an existing AB/DL "support" group I guess it's up to me to start one.🐱 Anyone in the Cleveland /Kent/Akron area interested in attending/helping start such a group please PM me.
  3. M

    Bouncing Baby Boy!

    Hey, I finally remembered this site and decided to introduce myself. I'm a 19 year old trans little boy from Ohio in the US. I'm polyamourous and [Removed By Eulogy (We're not a personals site)]. Please note that I did say "Another". Meaning I already have one, but we need another to complete...
  4. wildeyes

    hello from coloumbus ohio

    i am a little currently in Columbus Ohio . i am a babyfur i am incontinent due to nerve damage , from a fall in the army i am disabled vet served in the army for a short time Love Legos
  5. K

    Am I lucky???

    I live about 6 miles away from the Tranquility plant in Dunbridge Ohio. I didn't know until just recently that they have a "will call" counter and anyone can order online and pick up at the shipping counter at no charge. Makes it easy to pick up supplies when needed.
  6. J

    Hello all, from NE Ohio

    Hey all, I'm 30 from the NE quadrant of Ohio. I'm pretty much into all sides of diaper play, wearing, dom/subbing, age-play. Have been that way since I was about 12. Non-diaper bio: I have finished up graduate schooling and have entered the professional world. History, mathematics, and...