hiding diapers

  1. Pokogirl

    Diapers in Dorm

    So, I'll be starting university from next year. I have been accepted into a university which is a bit far away from my home. Hopefully, the university offers dorms & I'll be staying there (Not 100% final). The problem is, for the last 9 months I haven't used the toilets much for anything other...
  2. N

    How do you conceal your diaper from your spouse?

    My wife knows I'm IC. She also knew when we met that I was a DL and thought I'd outgrow it, I didn't. Then 5 years ago I became IC, she understood and supports, most nights asking me if I have my protection on. I always answer her. Even so, I feel embarrassed when wearing diapers and plastic...
  3. crinklecoon

    Best Hiding Spots

    What has been the weirdest or the most creative hiding spots (for anything really not just diapers and stuff) that you've ever heard of, seen, or used yourself. The best ones i've heard of is inside the back of an old TV or in a computer (the big half of a home computer) and the ones i've used...
  4. C

    What is your favorite diaper brand?

    What is your favorite diaper brand? Also if you have any stories of how you hide the diapers and what you do to get them then you can post it on here. My favorite diapers are Goodnites i mainly enjoy wetting them and i just bought them when my parents were not home. Writing a...
  5. Fenrierlilfolf

    A reminder of being careful when you load the washing machine

    Today I put a fill load on the washing machine, and a few minutes later I came back to set it to centrifugate but oh surprise.... The clothing was full of SAP and small pieces of a paper like thing, I panicked and started to frantically clean everything up (just for the record, it was not wet or...
  6. Kein

    Any Clever Hiding Places?

    I havent gotten my Own stash yet but the perfect spot I could use for at alot if the False Back part of my Dresser Drawers, I simply pull the Drawer Completely out to the floor and have them faced flat against the inside, then slide the Drawer back in and they are good as hidden. ^^ 2nd Hiding...
  7. babymike

    good diaper hideing place

    I have been struggling for a good hideing place in my room as I have two annoying older brothers who find it fun to mess with my stuff so I have been takeing the classic way of hideing them under my mattress however its nerve racking knowing they might be found at anytime. But luckily for me it...
  8. O

    Where are the best hiding places for diapers

    Where are the best hiding places inside a house to hide adult diapers? Because I tried to think of some places but I keep on getting blanks.