1. BabyKai

    What do you think about pacifiers/dummy's?

    I love pacifiers but that's mainly because I've used them all my life. Couldn't be weaned off them and my parents ended up letting me carry on using them. I'm now 19 and walk around the whole house with about 5 at all times. One in my mouth and four to hold, play with and touch (I have sensory...
  2. Angellothefox

    My first nuby baby paci from poundland

    This is a nuby pacifier at I got form the poundshop It is very small and I am testing it out as we speak It dose say you should clean it first in boiling water for 5 minuites but I am a adult :laugh: I am pretty sure I will be all right. I have just tested it now very durable and a overall a...
  3. Angellothefox

    My customized addapted pacifier

    I made this using a tit and superglue from a candy/sweety pacifier base:smile1: What dose everyone think?
  4. B

    How do you clean a dummy

    So, I recently purchased my first dummy and after a few days stopped using it for multiple reasons, primarily because I know that they can quickly get covered in germs. So, what is the safest and easiest way to clean a dummy? It has been quite a while of it just sitting on my desk and I am too...
  5. neonnoodle


    Has anyone tried these? They look great. A little pricy, but a larger version of the Mam shield so many of us love. https://www.adultpacifier.com/pacifiers.html
  6. TinyBabyHooves

    First NuK5 Dummy/Pacifier!

    I just bought my first dummy since I was toddler. It's an adorable baby blue and it fits perfectly in my mouth. I can't wait to get tucked into bed tonight and suck on it while cuddling my plushies! Just out of interest, when did you buy your first dummy/pacifier? And was it after you bough...
  7. bvb123

    NUK 5 Question

    Ok so I finally wanna buy a NUK 5 however I am very very paranoid about being caught, especially if my parents get it through the mail and realise what it is I've ordered. So I have a few questions before I actually buy one What is the packaging for a NUK 5 like? Like if it comes through the...
  8. AmberBulb95

    Caught in public?

    Has anyone been caught doing anything babyish in public? I have this ritual where I walk my dog with my dummy on a chain clipped to my hoodie. Either sucking my dummy or hiding it under my hoodie. Today I had to grab my dog by the collar so she didn't bolt after a family with another dog, and...
  9. bvb123

    Pacifier Fetish

    Hello everybody! :D I've decided to create this thread because I've been on this site for almost 3 years and I've never actually told my story about how it all began to everyone, so without further ado I'd love to share my experience with you all :) So ever since I was little I've always had...
  10. AmberBulb95

    Plugged in Public

    Today I relived an awesome experience I had years ago! I finally worked up the courage to make the trip home from school with my dummy. I put it in my school bag this morning, kept it in my locker until the fifth period (I get the sixth period off on Mondays) and took advantage of the...
  11. AmberBulb95

    Bathing with a dummy

    If you're like me then you love your dummy but don't have an awful lot of privacy to indulge. Does anyone bathe/shower with their dummy? I find it very relaxing and soothing having my dummy all to myself with assured privacy.:paci:
  12. AmberBulb95

    Dummy Talk

    I'm curious to see other's opinions on dummies (pacifiers). Do you use them? When do you use them? What's your favorite dummy? (Mine is my profile picture :D)
  13. AmberBulb95

    Hello, Adisc!

    I'm new to this kind if thing. I love dummies, bottles and diapers. I have many hobbies including: sport shooting, electric guitar and woodworking. What's your favorite dummy? I'm currently sucking my 'super soft' tommee tippee :)
  14. D

    Paci + Changing Mat

    Quick couple of questions... I currently have a baby dummy (Paci) that I use a night, is it worth updating to an adult one? Also just using baby changing mats currently, is it worth changing to an adult one? Cheers
  15. EJay

    My first NUK 5!

    So the other day I was looking on ebay for pacifiers for my 10 week old baby girl and actually came across an ad for an all pink (my FAVORITE color!) NUK 5 paci for "big babies." I showed the hubby and let him know how much I would like to try the NUK 5 and he said "I'll think about it." Well...
  16. FlightSimPro

    Changing Pacifiers/Dummies

    Hey all, Just a quick question for those who use pacifiers/dummies. My old one had a crack in it, making it uncomfortable to use so I went and bought two new ones at my local supermarket. I have one and my other half has the other one. I changed from avent to mam. The reason is because I...
  17. B

    Giant NUK

    I saw one of these online - and found a shop to buy them but now can't find the link - any ideas guys?
  18. T

    silicone putty and potential AB uses

    So silicone putty is putty that dries in the air into silicone. You can buy it at Michaels and AC Moore. I was wondering if it would be safe to try to make a pacifier out of it. We know that so many people (myself included) wish the nuk 5 came in silicone. Any thoughts on safety feasibility or...
  19. Blacksmith

    Where is the best place to get a paci/ soother. Nuk 5

    So ya as the title says: where is the best place to get a Nuk 5, I already have two Nuk 3s they are a bit too small, they do not have to fancy or anything, and I would prefer online shopping as that is easier to hide from family thanks in advance
  20. MarqueeMoon

    Absolutley Adorable

    I've watched this clip way too many times. Did any Brits catch this when it aired? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCREoFUghIk EDIT: This might not be the correct sub-forum for this thread, so feel free to move it.