diaper wetting

  1. M

    Diapers under pants for girls

    So, I've recently started wearing diapers in public on a lot more regular basis, but I don't want to wear sweat pants every time I do. Are there any recommendations on how to wear diapers under jeans and what kind I can buy? I do plan on wetting, so i would need to hide that too. What do you think?!
  2. T

    Dreaming Reality

    Over the past couple days, I have had the ability to indulge my inner-baby with the rest of the family being gone on a vacation. I opted for a stay-cation as they went to what is basically just a alcoholic music festival and I don't drink any form of alcohol. Last night, I had a dream. All I...
  3. Coney

    Does anyone else WAIT to use their diaper?

    Something I've done but never really thought about until recently is WAIT to wet my diaper. Instead I'll just go to the toilet when I have to pee. I love wetting my diapers, and who wants to waste all that time getting up? But I think it's because I want to wear that diaper as long as possible...
  4. Dpboy36

    Hi I'm Dpboy36

    Hi I'm Dpboy36 a straight male that's into wearing diapers. I have liked wearing diapers all of my life Im more Dl than Ab I like to play video games work on the computer Im good at some computer tech things. my hobbies are mostly swimming goin for walks and spending time with friends and i love...