Does anyone else WAIT to use their diaper?

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Something I've done but never really thought about until recently is WAIT to wet my diaper. Instead I'll just go to the toilet when I have to pee. I love wetting my diapers, and who wants to waste all that time getting up? But I think it's because I want to wear that diaper as long as possible without having to change into a new one. (It's a mini process) Especially the one time I had Bambinos I did this a lot. Anyone else do this?
Honestly myself no I don't do that. Of course my being incontinent and not having much say in the matter has more then a little to do with that. Of course I was not into actually using diapers for their intended purpose when I did have control over that as well either. Don't get me wrong though I have nothing against it either. I can even understand because it's not hard for me to imagine the fact that someone wants to get the most out of their diapers before they have to throw them away anyways way of thinking.
I will also hold out using diapers because they are so hard to get and get rid of I want to savor them (I am living with parents currently). When I was living close to by myself one summer, I used them freely, it was so nice!
heh heh, it's sad for me to even wait because I rarely urinate. I would have to drink some soda or tea and within half an hour I would have to go. Going normal routine is like 5-6 hours before the next pit stop. I guess little Snivies have huge bladders or something. I'unno :/

For adult diapers, I would need 1 for like 24 hours before I would come close to it's full capacity but of course it would not be at that breaking point. While it's not healthy for wearing a 24hour diaper, I don't have sensitive skin so I can stay in a wet diaper for a long period of time it seems. I'd be better off going with baby diapers since I actually get my money's worth :tongueout:
No I don't wait. I wear them so I can use them. But if I am going to take it off in a couple more hours, I then hold off using it because no use using it once and then taking it off.
I don't unless it's no2 and not a good place to do or it would leak , other wise i just let it flow
I won't wear at all if I don't think I have time to enjoy them properly, but once I'm in them, there's no way I'm using the potty. I will sometimes hold it a bit for that feeling of urgency and then going in the diaper. I find that fun.
I do prefer trying to make my diapers last as long as possible and even have gone normally to the restroom by sliding it down like a pull-up. I have stayed in some bellisimo's until they have leaked and when they get even close to that point I do take precautions.

48 in a case is a lot, but you (well at least I) can blow trough them in 2 months if you/I really wanted to. When I first get a new case I'll damn near wear 24/7 exclusively until the first 8 are gone.
When I get them on I just wear until I'm worried about leaking, then take them off. Diapers are super comfy though so I can understand waiting. But like.. I'll get tired of them before I've properly gotten my fill if I don't use them at my first couple of chances.
I'm the opposite, as soon as I've got a nappy on I get the urge to wet.
What I do is when the nappy is almost maxed out I will use the toilet to wee, pulling the 'used' nappy back up after so I can continue to enjoy the feeling of a bulky disposable until I have to shower.
I rarely get to wear, maybe overnight once a week if my schedule permits and I have the energy to stay up late into the night. As such this is my dedicated diaper time, so I don't hesitate to pee if the urge comes along. Besides, I'd be too wired up writing or watching YouTube etc. to leave my seat, and break the concentration.

Unless it is #2. Cos it is vital to change within minutes of such an event.
I usually wait till its safe to wet and leak (if it happened), mostly because i don't want others to smell my pee lol
nope as soon as i need to pee i let it go and as long as i'm in private i let number 2 out straight away too
Duality said:
I love waiting till resisting the urge to urinate becomes unbearable and then finally losing control.

yea me too, but i try not to do that too often dont want to damage my bladder
Due to the lack of odor control, when I wear my cloth diapers to bed, I avoid wetting them until I wake up.
parcelboy2 said:
I don't unless it's no2 and not a good place to do or it would leak , other wise i just let it flow

sounds about right, same for me x3.
If anyone else is home, I have little choice but to just wear. But sometimes, I'll just wear and use the bathroom if I feel like it; a wet diaper and a dry diaper each have their own charms. I actually have a habit of staying dry while eating to hold on to my appetite. If it's just a snack, sure I'll still wet, but if it's a full meal, then I'm waiting until my belly's full.
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