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Over the past couple days, I have had the ability to indulge my inner-baby with the rest of the family being gone on a vacation. I opted for a stay-cation as they went to what is basically just a alcoholic music festival and I don't drink any form of alcohol.

Last night, I had a dream. All I remember of this dream were the final few seconds where I am wetting the diaper, but I can feel myself giving my absolute best effort to make it stop. Let me explain the feeling.

Imagine you are not wearing your diaper, and you need to pee like a race horse. Imagine the strain of forcing yourself to hold off peeing your pants for as long as possible. Now overlay that feeling of strain with actually wetting a diaper, with no real option as to be able to stop the flow of urine into the garment. And that is the feeling I had in my dream last night.

I did not have a real accident when I woke from the dream, but the feeling was truly bizarre. I think this is what toddlers in training pants feel like when they can't reach the potty in time. Doing your best to stop the inevitable from happening, but it happens anyways.

Have any of you had this feeling before? What do you think of my experience? Let me know!
Maybe your body remembers still what it was like?
Really interesting :D!
That does sound really interesting. Maybe it was some sort of inner toddler revelation lol. Actually that sounds like it would be pretty stressful too though. It really sucks when you have to pee so bad that you feel like you're going to wet yourself but you know you can't use the bathroom for like 20 more minutes.
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