1. I

    Incontinent Soon to be Camp Counselor looking for advice

    Hey everybody! So I'm going to be a camp counselor soon and I was wondering if any of you all have been a camp counselor while incontinent. I'm a bit nervous because I'm going to have to manage changes during the camp, there will be swimming and at the end of each session the camp goes out of...
  2. Dragon of Shadows


    so last weekend (sept. 26-28 2014) I brought diapers to a cub camp. I am a leader and brought my own tent. I wore a diaper all Saturday it was sooo fun.
  3. Rational

    I'm back!

    I'm going to marching band camp. Starting this monday, I will be booked solid for 12 hours a day 9 to 9 for two weeks. Ill see you guys later on in September! I'm back and i'm going to active way more often! Band camp was okay, I got minor surgery done and which slowed me down a bit... AND...