1. Lupan

    I am soo happy to be back.

    I did not know where to post this, but I felt I had to reintroduce myself it has been literally years since I was here, and I won't lie I missed it, I missed everyone: I joined here when I was 15 years old, and through this site I met many people, mostly digital only, but I also met people irl...
  2. M

    Hi! :)

    Hello! My name is Jonathan! I'm Canadian... Threes everywhere! It's been a while I didn't post somethings or even access this website. A lot of things happened since. I think I was around 19, I just turned 22! That said I'm confident with what I am more than before. Maybe less active but still...
  3. babypr1


    Hello, I'm back at, it have been a while since i have been here. I hope to be more active here. You can talk to me anytime and i'll be more than happy to answer. If you like tumblr you can find me at
  4. SuperSecretFoxy

    Hi guys, I'm back. with news.

    Hey Guys, I've been gone for a long time now, thought I'd post a hello together with some other news. School started not so long ago(actually two months, but hey), and from the start I was busy. I started a course where you get to learn how to make video games, coding and art alike. In short...
  5. D

    Interest inconsistency/Looking for a discrete diaper

    Hey everyone, I haven't really been on for a while(not as if I was ever really involved with the community or anything) but I might be back again lurking like I was before for a little bit and I also might get back to the story I was writing because people seemed to like it. I haven't been on...
  6. BernardFx

    im back :P

    yeah i was kinda away, now i'm kinda back -shily waves- maybe i'll stay if i dont get bored :3
  7. jter42

    Back (Again)~!

    Sorry about posting another one of these, but it's been a long time. I'm back on ADISC now from a long break. I've just had alot of stuff going on in my life. Anyway I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm back, and I wanted to appologize to those people who I just left hanging. I'm glad I'm...
  8. Roxas

    Diaper tapes: Front or back?

    Iunno, I know some people who talk about putting on a diaper with the tapes on the back bringing them to the front, and others with the tapes on the front and taping them on the back. (Choices are where the tapes are already at, not the side you tape them TO.) For those who wear, which way do...
  9. jter42

    I have returned!

    Well kind of, I havnt been really on the computer as much anymore. My grandmother left yesterday, so now I can stop being so sketch about everything. I had to take a break from wearing, and such, due to the fact that it'd be too awkward to explain. I've also changed quiet a bit since I last...
  10. jter42

    The Satyrical Welcome back thread!

    1st, if mods feel the need to move this to off topic, go ahead. Now I had an idea, since me, and Satyrical are pretty good friends, I wanted to give him a big welcome back! Now, all that you guys, and girls need to do is this: Just post here with a warm welcome back post! Satie has been a...
  11. Pramrider

    Watch Your Back!

    No, someone isn't out to bump you off, at least I hope not.:-P I'm talking about your literal back. Last week, it was time to clean out the chimney flue so the woodstove could be started up again with colder weather coming. I got up on the roof and lowered the rope down the flue for my wife to...
  12. starshine

    I see ban reasons are back.

    Didn't see this said or posted anywhere else, so feel free to delete it if it was. I see the "Ban Reasons" in profiles are back. Thanks a ton! :D