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Hi! :)

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Hello! My name is Jonathan! I'm Canadian... Threes everywhere!

It's been a while I didn't post somethings or even access this website. A lot of things happened since. I think I was around 19, I just turned 22! That said I'm confident with what I am more than before. Maybe less active but still my DL side is part of me.

As I said before, this website have a wonderful community, you're so sweet and happy to be back!

English isn't my first language... But by memory it's written in the signature... ;) I improve myself every days!
Hello Jonathan and welcome back.
Hi *hugs* I am new here but glad to see you backs
Hey there! Greetings, welcome back.
Welcome back. Care to tell us a little more about yourself for those who don't remember, or know about you from before? :p
Ohh sorry! I forgive! Introductions look always empty without that!

I'm studying in Computer Science, even if my usage of computers and cellphone has changed, I'm the friend of the friends who can fix your devices ;)

Not in gamming and animes things, more traditional. I need to find hobbies, I can't find somethings interesting about me
( ._.) ... But I promise I'm interesting!

I'm independent, living by myself and free. Happy by what I am. Maybe a day I will move to San Francisco as freelancer.

Hope this brief description helps more :)
I'm the oposite. I'm so not the guy who can fix computers or any high-Tech thingys, but I'm a little bit into gaming.
Welcome back
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