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    Well i hope santa paid a visit to all you AB's and gave you what you wanted.. i must have been a naugthy boy this year, cause i didnt get any AB stuff.. boo hoo hoo.. lol

    What you all get..

    Common spill the beans


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    My wife got me a Harry the Bunny and a Tec the Tractor plushies and a Tec the Tractor sippy cup. They're characters found on the Babyfirst channel and

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    I have no living family so the only thing I get for Christmas is what I get for myself,this year it was a gen 6 ipod and a case of northshores, last year I got myself a new SACD and some B&O speakers.

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    My little side got a Vtech baby learning toy.
    My big side got a Arduino littleBits design/development kit.

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    I got the usual: Clothes, music, movies and a book. I wanted footed PJs but my wife said I would have to find another wife if I ever wore any of those. *Sigh*

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