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Thread: Underwear Question...Boxers, briefs or boxerbriefs?

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    Default Underwear Question...Boxers, briefs or boxerbriefs?

    I'm sure this has been asked before lol. But I'm gonna ask again. Which do you guys prefer when not diapered?

    I'm a briefs guy. Mostly tighty whities but also come colors for variety. I grew up wearing them and never saw a point to change. I've tried boxers and boxerbriefs but always end up back in briefs. They support me the best and I'm more worried about function than form lol. Plus...they DO make me feel kind of kiddish hehe.

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    I like boxers but now since I'm a dribbler and have to wear pads, I wear the briefs. Not bad, but a little too confining for my taste.

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    Briefs do hold male pads in place the best. I sometimes use them too for dribbling accidents. Otherwise my tighty whities wouldn't be so white lol.

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    Q: Boxers or briefs?
    A: Depends!

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    I grew up when wearing briefs was the norm so Iíve worn those most of my life. A few years ago when boxers/boxerbriefs became the norm and briefs were a little more uncommon to wear I did switch for a while but Iíve stopped caring about the peer pressure and gone back to briefs. Theyíre far more comfortable and supportive and I basically only wear briefs designed for children, so that feels pretty nice too.

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    Briefs all the way (preferably tighty whities). I was encouraged to wear boxers for a few years during my teen years but I eventually insisted on switching back and never looking back. Although I do have a few cute pairs of printed boxers I'll wear occasionally around the house.

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    Well, I don't have the option of not wearing a diaper, but, I did used to cover my diapers with boxers, due to the tried and true fear of the diaper peeking out the back. But, ever since taking up more of a disability pride stance with my diapers I've stopped bothering. Plus that they all ended up with yellow stains from the occasional leak didn't do much for my self esteem when I was embarassed about the whole thing. Being out with it has really done a lot for my own self confidence. So, just diapers, heh

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    Boxers. Briefs restrict my movement and cause very unpleasant chafing along my inner thighs.

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    Sort of depends. If I'm just being lazy around the house--boxers. But, when I'm doing something like hiking out in the woods, I usually stick with boxer-briefs from a company called Outdoor Research. I'm in my 20's.

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    And obviously, a diaper at nighttime.

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