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Thread: For people who wear 24/7. Does it feel weird when you don't wear?

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    Default For people who wear 24/7. Does it feel weird when you don't wear?

    I remember the first time I wore and it felt weird with the bulk between my legs. I'm at the stage now I actually like the feel of wearing my Nappy, I like the tightness and security. Does it feel weird to you if you went back to wearing underwear?

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    Yes, I much prefer a diaper over cotton undies.

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    It feels weird for me now too, nappies and pull ups are so normal to me anything else can feel a little weird. I like just wearing pants quite a bit when I'm in the house and accidents don't matter at all though. I haven't worn boxers in a long time and I feel like if I had to wear them, that would feel extremely strange.

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    Only wore one time for 24/7 for 10 days when parents on vacation long time ago. but I wear at night most of the time and work Although I prefer them over underwear

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    Yes. I've been diapered 24/7 for 20+ years now. I've had plenty of times coming out of a surgery with a catheter in, and no real need for a diaper. Except it just doesn't feel right not to be.

    The same thing with swimming too. As you know, swim diapers have nothing to them. So I instantly get that feeling of not being protected or secured.

    Being so used to thick diapers, not having that there is what feels odd to me. Even when I don't need them, I still prefer diapers anyways.

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    Yeah, it feels like I'm not dressed properly if I put on panties instead of a diaper

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    This is the longest I've been in diapers since being a baby, so I'm not sure what it will feel like when I stop. Previously, switching back after six and seven months, it felt different but good. It didn't take more than a few days before it wasn't even different.

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    Since I've gone 24/7 I've noticed that the notion of wearing adult underwear is weird and feels off in my mind. This is exactly what I was hoping would happen since I originally began to wear 24/7 to beat my fears of it and stop making it feel creepy. Now it feels like I'm being the real me. I'm being honest to myself and the world (even though they don't know and don't need to).

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    Yes, it feels very weird to just wear underwear. I feel like I am undressed when I am not wearing diapers.

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    Yes. I've been urge incon for pretty much my whole life and 24/7 for nearly 14 years. If I'm not diapered, I feel naked and not properly clothed.

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