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Thread: Tips for traveling away from home?

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    Default Tips for traveling away from home?

    I am traveling away to a conference next week. I plan to bring some diapers with me. Any advice or tips on disposing of the used ones at the motel? It does not feel right leaving them in the trash for the chamber maids.

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    If the motel has a garbage can outside, you can bag them up and dispose of them there.

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    I would say the same - thy must have a big bin or something for their own rubbish - just find that

    Also although I understand your fear - businesses are a lot more understanding than we often credit them for- being crude now but how many used condoms do you think they find in bins - I know which I would prefer to handle as its was sealed in a plastic bag 😖

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    It's okay to dispose of them in a bin, that's what it is for.
    Just put each in a sealed plastic bag so they don't smell x)

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    The bins in the bathrooms of hotels/motels usually have a plastic bag inside of them to collect the trash. What I do as a courtesy to the housekeepers is tie up the bag when I leave the room in the morning so all they'll need to do is grab the closed bag and put it in the bigger trash bag in their cart, without having to see or smell what's inside. Sure, the weight may give it away a little...

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    Many good points and suggestions. Clearly I am not the first to think on this! Thank you all for your replies. I think I will enjoy me stay a bit more going in with a plan.

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    unless you wear full time, just wait til its convienent to put on and then bag it and dump it on the go, option 2 if you want to wear at the conference wear underwear over it and toss it before you leave. Most people are not looking for diapers, adult diapers they assume incontinence, baby diapers they assume someones kid.

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    thanks for the tip, I went with your suggestion this morning. I had forgotten my computer and went back for it at lunch, the chambermaid was doing my room the trash can had been emptied not a word was said. I think it was comfortable for everyone. I am realizing that if I don't make a big deal no one else will either.

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    I bag mine (I bring tall kitchen bags with me that I can tie a knot in the bag rather than relying on the drawstring). I either leave them in the room trash or I find a dumpster to carry them out to.

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    Default Tips for traveling away from home?

    As mentioned in my previous posts I rolled up my wet diaper placed it in a opaque plastic bag and left it in the trash can of my motel where I am staying three days. Nothing was said by the house cleaning staff but last night I noticed a pad that I don't think was there on my mattress the first night! Now I want to have a look at an other bed to see if they have them as well

    I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me.

    More to come if I get into an other room

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