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  • yes u did get lucky lol, I wish I was as lucky as you, lol at least I hope we can become ab friends though:)
    Lol yea, idk what the future will bring, I mean I want to get married and have kids and if that happens ill prolly give abdl a brek
    lol your living my dream toddler age is 3-4 yrs old, but sadly I dont have much:(
    I KNOWWWWW!!!! He is soooo awesome, I love Woody also, he is awesome also, lol what is your toddler age?
    I love Lightning McQueen, Cars is one of my favorite movie series, that with Toy Story, they are sooooo fun and awesome
    Hey there, sorry ive been so idle lately, been in a purge but I feel that it is ending, hopefully I can dedicate a day to tb stuff for myself
    hello toddler, sorry ive been really busy lately, anyway i did great on my are things? happy new year! and i hope u had a good one
    yea unfortunatly i have a final 2moro morning:(...but yea doing that and sucking my paci to calm me
    that is good for you....your a kid so u must be a kid at home and in public(haha hehehe):)
    ooo ur such a child:):):) I could only dream of doing that....seems like so much fun....BEING YOURSELF:):)
    aww thx for the post....I bet that is so fun and relaxing...hopefully I will be able to do that one day:)
    yea ive read about that place....loooks fun....u could always go to dave and busterss
    o wow, that is very would be cool to go to chuck e. cheese...but then people would always stare
    i see, i hope to tell somebody some day, does it feel weired though knowing someone knows you are AB or does it feel more releived?
    how ironic u guys ever do ab stuff together??? at least u have some people who are accepting.....i dont have anybody:(
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