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    How long did you wet the bed?

    My primary bed wetting stopped right around 10 years old. When I started puberty we found out an accident that I was in at 8 had damaged some things so as I started hitting the growth spurts my bladder wasn’t growing with the rest of my body. I am told I have the bladder of about an 8-9 year...
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    Adult Preschoolers?

    I see myself at a 3 year old preschooler. I’m my home I have my own race car bed in my paw patrol bedroom that’s filled with toys. I’m still diapered because I show no interest in training and won’t stop playing for unimportant things like using the potty.
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    Anyone from around central Florida?

    I’m north of Orlando, in Apopka. But that’s about an hour from Champions Gate
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    Bambo Nature is making night time pull ups!

    Where can we buy them?
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    Adult baby briefs?

    They have clearanced them out. They don’t have them anymore
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    Do you ever wear diapers as normal underwear and go about your day?

    I usually have a pull-up, pad or diaper on or within my underwear during day time hours. To deal with a bit of leakage or something more urgent. Took a bit of getting used to it but it is better than the alternative of having wet spots at work or out in public
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Just got dressed for the day. Which consists of a goodnite pull-up under my boxer briefs just in case of any problems.
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    Pampers cruisers size 7?

    Glad that I still have a pack of the original releases
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    Cute little outfits

    I would totally go for a little boys sailor suit. Those overalls are cute as well.
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    Ever dress your teddy?

    My bear has his own full wardrobe. He has a matching shirt for every bedding set I have for my bed.
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    on adult size cribs, question

    I was actually thinking more like a sliding door, like the barn doors that are popular in the home improvement stores currently. You can get all the hardware needed at Lowe’s or Home Depot.
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    on adult size cribs, question

    I am one of the lucky ones that has a crib. I have a drop side on my crib, and hindsight being 20/20 I think I would have preferred a door. As dippy says, the drop side has to be a fair way off the floor and it’s a lot of work climbing in and out. And even more work for my wife as she is smaller...
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    Capcon 2021

    I went to CAP this year. The event is huge. Easily 4-5x larger than Teddycon. Teddy has a more chill/relaxed family atmosphere and they limit the numbers to keep this type of atmosphere. Cap is like a big age play party, there are areas like a nursery or playrooms, vendors, talent show...
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    Anyone from Massachusetts?

    I did up to 6 months ago, but have sense moved south.
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    what is the white square on the bottom of the goodnites for

    If I remember correctly that is an alignment mark that the machine uses in manufacturing to make sure the pad and pant is properly centered. Could be incorrect but I wanna say that was it.