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    Pampers Underjams XL

    I remember these, I actually still have 2 packs of them on a shelf in my closet.
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    Diapers at Camps

    When we were kids we always spent a few weeks at the ymca day camp. But at least once during the sessions they would do a field trip with a sleepover. All the kids would sleep in the big room upstairs, except for the bedwetters. They slept in the music room down the hall a bit. They would get...
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    [email protected] diapers

    I don’t really care for the print, but that’s just a personal preference. My main problem with it is that it’s upside down on the back of the diaper.
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    How are you dressed for ni-ni tonight?

    Tykables onesie with a little pawz diaper underneath. Sleeping in my bed with toy story / buzz lightyear bedding and Mr. Bear
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    Lil Kink Boutique, anyone buy from them?

    I have many things from Lil Kink Boutique, They have awesome quality. And the owners are fantastic. cant wait to see what they have at CAPcon this year
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    What adult diapers most resemble pampers

    I actually still have some of the old SDK diapers from the previous owners generation. While they were cute, I could never get a decent fit with the single tape and their absorption left a lot to be desired.
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    Are there any other married ABDL's in this community???

    Married 16 years here, wife supports my little side and tries to participate once in a while...
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    Anyone tried Super Undies AIO diapers?

    They are very comfy. I like that you can add more stuffers to them to make them thicker if you want. Neither Rearz nor these will feel like a disposable but these at least are functional without plastic pants if wanted to use them
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    BigTots - Etsy...

    I agree, I have order a few things from her and her quality is great. Enjoy your new products 🙂
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    Does abdl run in families

    We discussed it once, which is how I know he is an AB. He was staying at my house when my dad was ill for a few days. Just after that it was never talked about again. Just kind of an untalked about secret between he and I.
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    Does abdl run in families

    I agree with dogboy, I have a brother who is also an AB. He is the closest in age to me. I believe that he is also one due to the environments of our upbringing being the same. Although we know about one another, at least in my case he is more unaccpting of his self and the lifestyle. A thing...
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    It actually happened to me the first time I bought diapers at a store. I was 12 (ish) at the time, it was summer. My best friends aunt was watching him and his brother. She decided she wanted to go to the local mall and McDonald’s for lunch. I was asked to tag along. While we were at the mall...
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    How many of you would buy upsized goodnites?

    If these existed they probably would become my daily underwear. I would love to see a product like that come to exist in the market
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    Some things will be more accessible than others but with a caregiver I think you will have a blast =)
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    Without getting too specific, yes the few times I have been there have been people who were physically disabled at Capcon and it looked as though they were having a wonderful time. There is access to elevators for people that need them to access all areas of the convention. Just takes a bit...