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    I am sorry to say this but i'm giving up my ab side forever please remember me fondly your friend forever
    Hi added you a couple of days ago ive got three friends now YEH! without being too shallow at least one is female im not coming on to you just thought id add that. well i am English and from what i can tell the worlds veiw of us is tea drinkin' weird toothed sex addicts. austin powers reinforces negative stereo types its racism i tell you. russel brand aside he is a legend. any way i saw you have a glee signiture im guessing you guys have the second seiries is it any good?
    I've been good as well!! I was wondering, since you have made me user bars before, if you could add 2010 to my current one, since I won that award last year & this year, please!!
    Hey there!! How have you been?

    Got a question for you & wonder if you'd do it for me!!
    Remember when we had our own Amanda group? .. I was just reading it.. weird, that was such a long time ago.
    hey, u seem pretty cool. I added u a few days ago, sry for not saying anything... heyness! I hope u r having an amazing week! =D
    Hey you! I really miss talking to you all the time, I hope all is well. Get a hold of me sometime if you still happen to have my number, or there's always email, etc. Peace!
    Hey Mandi, I been on an extended leave (1 year) and rarely seen you on here anymore, well rarely see your posts anymore I should say. I hope things are well with you!
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