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    I am quite lucky I live inteh PNW and have access to the Seattle VA they are sending me 8 cases of Abena's every month we're still working with them to get wipes in the formulary. it took about a year to work through all the formulary diapers but I have has a really good results
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    Delivery man deliver diapers, nervous

    LOL i enjoy seeing the mail carrier bring in my 6 cases of Abenas and the poor UPS driver bringing in my and my son incontinence supplies each month granted he has gotten lazy now and drop them off at the apartment complex office. That makes for a real pain in the ass loading all in my small...
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    princess panties

    i am looking for some size 8 princess panties for my baby girl she has been a really good girl so to reward her i was trying to find Disney print panties or something special like this in a brief cut pantie for her maybe she can keep them dry "giggle giggle"
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    Bought my princess new training panties

    With glee she told me she was a big girl last night when she was getting her night nights on. The bed is well protected if she has a "accident" and daddy has her punishment diapers ready.... and yes she loves her size 6 binky
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    Bought my princess new training panties

    Somebody got new big girl panties today. I think she will love her binky tonight
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    Bought my princess new training panties

    Since my princess has been such a good girl, i bought her trsining panties and a new binkie to add to her collection. She choose the butterfly training panties with matching pvc panties. I will have to snap a picture or 2 when she gets them.
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    Baby-pants sizing help

    I sm buying princes new training pants on frrday, but i am having a hard time figuring out if she needs a size bigger due to shrinkage. I sm also trying to get her matching plastic panties. Already ordered her a new binky "something about her bitting her last one in half because she was mad at me"
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    Binky help

    I need help finding a binky for my little girl. i need to find a stronger pacifier other than the nuk 5 that she keep chewing though ever 3 or 4 months. She loves to sleep with them but has a tengency to to pull and chew at it in her sleep.
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    Dight time diaper help with Velcro Diapers

    I get my Tena Diapers form a medical supplier though my health care insurance as i am on disability after 2 failed back surgery's and one successful one any-who... my problem at night i do not sleep in anyone position as a matter of fact i have been accused of beating her up at night and it it...
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    my new baby beds

    just found 2 of these in a storage unit auction i might want to only keep one :( no room for 2
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    need 2 nuk 5 binkeys cheapest

    where is the cheapest place to get binkeys at online [removed]? i am looking to buy on the 1st
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    Are These good diapers

    are these diapers i found on ebay any-good
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    heu guys

    hey guys i am new here been a dl for several years sing my first back injury that has left we stuck in diapers that was 5 years ago now