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  • Hi! I just wanted to tell you that whenever I see your avatar picture, it never fails to make me smile :) Following your tumblr!
    Hello Jelly,
    I am new to the site but have always enjoyed this baby fetish of mine. The more and more I try it the more I like it. I would love to talk more about how you got started and would love advice from you on what you and where you think I'm at. I'm very open to be more if it's in me. Is it sexual for you?
    It's just not for me XD I'm naturally a brunette and I dye it black :) awesome! I'm from around Birmingham/Wolverhampton :)
    Awesome! Never really dyed my hair any other color apart from black! Had to get rid of my icky natural color XD so which part of the UK are you from? Hope you don't mind me asking :D
    Aww yaaaaaaay! And you're from the UK like me which is even better! :D love your hair btw it's awesome! :3
    I'm going to look into that dye..very very cool. :3 Thanks for the info btw!

    Also does it wash out gracefully or does it sorta age? Just curious.
    hey saw some of your posts , so i thought i'd add you hope you don't mind pm me if you wanna talk some time.
    Not bad but could be better. One of my fiends got me to watch My little pony and now I love it XD plus I'm doing some My Little Pony drawings.
    Nonono, I played one! It wasn't major, just a rock concert and the only audience was parents... But playing is still fun!
    I'm good~ I had a concert last night, it was fun!
    So how fare thee, maiden?
    Well good now that that's cleared up :)
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