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  • Never been to Yorkshire :3 awesome! I started dying mine when I left high school :) yeah I can te you're a fan ;) especially of bright colors XD
    Aha Not to far but far enough, Yorkshire :) Im naturally brunette too, and nt the pretty kind >.< Ive been dying it since I was 12 now, never black though Im a lover of colours <3
    Awww howcome you think your natural hair colour is icky? (I do too personally I just hate the 'dying' part of pretty hair) Up North England for me :) You?
    Woot!! ^.~ Thank you :D Hasn't been green in forever!! Went orange halloween last year, then my natural colour with coloured ends ^_^ Right now they are mint green and faded orange because it needs re-dying :)
    Welcome to ADISC!

    hey y'all it appears that you seem to be looking at my profile thats pretty awesome!

    ive been a TB for about 2 years now and ive loved every second of it. i love pacifiers <3
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