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  • Haha, no worries then. I envy your perseverance.

    I've got one month till my last exam, as of today. Start in a little under two weeks. Finding it hard to get motivated, but I really need to. Worked pretty hard today, so that's a start. Life is generally pretty sound, though. Excited for the summer and then on into the autumn.

    I've dropped you my email by text, if you fancy staying in touch that way. I should be coming down to your neck of the woods in the second half of May, but I suspect you might actually be buried under exams. I'll let you know, anyway!
    How's your dissertation going? (Also, fancy fb friending each other? I tend to check fb more often than here.)
    Shoot! Never replied to your last message. But yes, definitely summer if not May! Finishing up is pretty stressful...I just started revising for my exams. :/
    Hi, you! :)

    Long time no chat!!

    Coffee sometime if we're either in each others areas?
    Thanks mate! So glad to be done with my dissertation now. I will definitely let you know if I'm in your neck of the woods. How are you getting on these days?
    A little late night procrastinating on TSR, and I thought I'd drop you a line! How you getting on? I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel--dissertation due noon on Monday, and then I will proceed to get *horribly* drunk. Still need to write 4k words more and edit, though. Blech.

    How is everything going with you? Uni? Life? The universe?

    I might be in your neck of the woods (ish) visitng family sometime in May, if you were free and fancied getting a pint?
    It's due in about 3.5 weeks. Still doing research, but I've started writing it and know how I'm going to structure it. My supervisor really seems to like it--I'll get there eventually. Still, going to be a clusterfuck of a few weeks.
    Really glad you enjoyed Up so much! It's a lovely movie. How's the dissertation struggle going?
    Was lovely to meet you too :)

    I had a right good laugh XD

    I think I'm looking forward to it - but sometimes it's hard to tell. Even if it is at a time when perhaps I should be revising I'm sure I'll benefit more from going, then getting an extra few marks in my exams - as long as I pass that is.
    LOL...I didn't even start the argument. I finally left the bar to sit at a table and ordered another G&T. Guy was a tosser...

    No worries on text. Shame about 1984 production. Really glad to hear you're coming down, though. Looking forward to it.
    I loved every second of Waters of Mars, especially the power-mad death-fearing phase the Doctor had toward the end ^^
    I am that one-and-same Lin, and I think I just might. With a few very minor exceptions, everybody here seems to be pretty awesome. :)
    I am doing good, Jaiden!! Nice to hear from you too!! ^_^ **hugs**

    Aww, I wouldn't worry about the string thing!! I am sure even the greatest guitar players have done that more than once!!
    Hahaha, no worries at all. We are both kind of disorganised and busy. Had a mixed Christmas, but I'll tell you more about that later.
    Relax man. All cool. I certainly wasn't losing sleep over it. :)

    We'll just wait until there's a time when we're both free and online. If you want to send me off IM details, you're welcome to PM them. However, aside from Skype (and IRC), I only use MSN.

    So yeah. Whatever goes.
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