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  • Thanks, I just love bloomers so much. The most comfortable and adorable of all lounge wear .Once you go bloomers and cami you never go back, and if you do you are crazy. Stop being crazy!
    Linkkitty got that.Please. Is that all or are there more points that I should be looking at?
    I have read your post in "Abortion: Whose Choice". Having reviewed my input, I will accept without reservation your "borderline offensive" assertion.

    To this end of the three posts submitted to this thread, I have removed one in its entirety and edited a second. I hope these alterations meet with your satisfaction. For the corrected errors, I will be making an apology.

    So as to facilitate this being done properly first time around, I am asking you for an explanation of “dubiously factual linguistic and literary claims”. I genuinely do not understand what you meant by this. I appreciate that this request may be a lot to ask of anybody. I would however like the opportunity to address all my errors.

    PS: I am contactable via visitors messages on my profile, the messages do not show on the page but, I do receive them all the same.

    Thanking you in advance and hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely acorn
    Hehe hiya! ^^ I jus wanted to stop by to say hi! and that I'm transgender too x3 I'm looking to make friends with other transgenders because I'm feeling kinda down. Not being in the right body really takes a toll on me.
    Kay, I MIGHT have it done tonight, no promises.
    Purrfect, thank you ^^

    Also, Do you mind being a Sniper? The angles of the heads would be easier that way ^^;;

    Do you have a bigger version of your avatar? I need it's head to make something.
    No, it woulda been awkward :D

    "Hey, I know you on ADISC!"

    "WTF is ADISC?"

    "Ermmmm.... Left."
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