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  • I was temporarily banned from mature topics, OK if I went over the line, I apologize. The post you referenced was not an ad hominem attack per se, I was defending my position and similar positions of other posters in that thread. I can only hope that the person who called me a bullying troll was accorded the same discipline as I was.
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    This is a fake website that's why ROFLMAO bahahahahaha, not one person with gold membership messaged me just automated ones that want you to pay, completely fake
    Hi just wanted to know what i said was worth a temp ban? Copying and pasting my full post in a pm doesnt help much, if i said something that broke the rules what i said should be highlighted and i should have the right to defend myself rather then having the 1 sided conversation closed, as mods do make mistakes
    Hi tried to send a message to Moo but his message option seems to be disabled. I wanted to ask him why was my account banned? My previous account sn was [email protected]. I was given no explanation why my account was banned and would like to know why? Hoping he can get this sorted out, Might of been a mistake on their end. Please have moo message me to get this sorted out.
    Hi there! I registered on this forum ages ago with a stupid username and want to become active now. Is it possible to change it? I could not find anything in the options. Greetings from Germany!
    Put a post about this in the requests forum, Moo can assist
    Thank you, I will do that!
    Hello, a week or two ago I reported makena43 for poor english and grammar.
    I know its not a reportable event but several forum members have asked him to improve their english/grammar and they haven't. I'm hoping you or another admin could ask them to improve as all their posts are really difficult to read. If I recall correctly, one of the forum rules is use readable english.
    Seems like your friend andysetra came back. You two should catch up (If you already haven't :p)
    Eulogy, you seem to be doing quite nicely in the Request Helper position! I'm glad for that, and I hope all is well! I appreciate what you do! Saying Hey! -Marka
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