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  • Hello, a week or two ago I reported makena43 for poor english and grammar.
    I know its not a reportable event but several forum members have asked him to improve their english/grammar and they haven't. I'm hoping you or another admin could ask them to improve as all their posts are really difficult to read. If I recall correctly, one of the forum rules is use readable english.
    Seems like your friend andysetra came back. You two should catch up (If you already haven't :p)
    Eulogy, you seem to be doing quite nicely in the Request Helper position! I'm glad for that, and I hope all is well! I appreciate what you do! Saying Hey! -Marka
    Eulogy, Congrats on the Requests Helper position! -Marka
    thats actually paul mccartney, but I agree its nice. my pentax: All sizes | IMGP4898 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    Nope... for sure you were thinking of wrong person. I remember IMVU and was on it for maybe a day or two... many years ago (I think not too long after it started). I never really like it. lol
    The little 6 dot circles are actually double layer, and they lock together in 3 or 4 places I tried it single layer it was a pain and didn't look quite as good ^_^
    that sounds like alot of fun. ^^ i cant wait for summer.... i get out of college for summer in 5 weeks. wooot then i get ready for ac
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