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  • Dude, you need to empty your inbox as I cannot send one to you. It is saying your email box is full up, delete some!
    And I'm sorry if that comes off as extremely negative, it just is my honest answer.

    Providing nothing upsetting happens, it usually gets better, the morning is just really hard for me.
    I don't know. When I wake up I usually beaten down and resentful of even being alive if I have to suffer Asperger's, all my other mental disorders, and frankly, sexual isolation and extreme insecurity about being ABDL. It's like my brain spins negativity and it's so hard to slow that wheel down and turn it around. Like a zombie, I take my meds, my pills, my asthma inhaler, and make coffee or tea. Then I get obsessed with something like this site, or fetlife, usually something negative. When I wean myself away from those sites and manage to only check on them once in a while and only a cursory look, I watch TV and smoke pot. The pot helps me relax when I'm in my ususal only-slightly-agitated state but it doesn't work too well if I escalate. I also have pills I can take for severe anxiety but they're benzos and I don't like taking them frequently b/c of the side effects. So I can't really tell you because I haven't experienced a good morning one in over 8 months since I lost my job.
    Hope you are having a good day.

    A friend of mine has this quote on his profile:
    "I woke up breathing this morning and no one was shooting at me! That's a pretty good start to the day! - Me"
    When I asked him if he ever had a bad morning, he told me of a few times when he woke up to hostile gun fire while serving in the US Navy.

    My definition of a good morning is waking up on time to get where I need to be with everything required to do what I need to do. Saturdays are always good for me: nothing manditory is ever scheduled too early.

    What is your definition of a good morning?
    @Bambino Pants: I requested that thread be closed for various reasons including that it read like an attack on women and also that Geno was correct in that by posting that thread I made it clearly I hadn't absorbed what people were trying to teach me. I still feel frustrated and pained by women, but no one wants to hear that. People aren't ready to have an open conversation about that so I'm just trying to shut up about it.
    Don't know why they closed your thread.....I truly feel women want everything. They're much more complicated then men. When you stop trying and just be yourself & dont care it will happen. Women will call this bashing but I'm not. I've been with one women 21 years and she still bitches. They're like hurricanes....come with a force & leave with everything a mess. There is an actual study done...what is the average income a women wants their man to make? Mind you the average house hold income is 40,000 ish. Women would like there man to make 75,000 which is almost double the average. They want more then what is out there... I rest my case!! I could tell you a few more things but why take up your page. I hope you find I nice girl, there's still a few left. Not all are like that but many!

    What do women WANT?
    Dear women:

    What do women want?
    You aren't an idiot! You just are going through a lot of feelings and emotions. Sometimes the members here can be brutally honest, but it's just because they want to help. :)
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